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Pack your bags to visit some of the best art fairs this year!

Art Athina:Greece

The Art Athina was first introduced in the year 1993 by the Greek Hellenic Art Galleries Association. It is one of the oldest contemporary art fairs in Europe, taking place in Athens.

The objective behind the fair is to promote the art works and creations of the artists to its targeted audience. It is conducted every year and more than 60 galleries participate in the fair in the year 2010.

The Art Athina is considered one of the best sources by the artists to endorse their creations to the audiences on the global scale and help enhancing their network.

The fair has successfully carved its niche amongst many artists covering wide art sectors like, abstract art, contemporary art,digital art and fine art etc.

Many describe the festival as a treat to collectors, critics, curators, artists, galleries and art lovers! It has a massive fan following as people from various countries visit the exhibition every year!


Vancouver has been every traveler’s pride! It is a cosmopolitan city with great natural and picturesque surroundings. The city is a blissful mixture of diverse communities striking a parallel chord of harmony.

The city is also famous for the Art exhibition that takes place every year for four days. It witnesses a major flooding of art lovers across the world during the exhibition time. Art! Vancouver is a never to miss opportunity for budding and aspiring artists.

It is open for galleries around the world where artists submit the original art-forms. It is a one spot destination for artists, galleries and art collectors to meet and mingle!

You can take the opportunity to visit and collect the best art forms at the Art! Vancouver. You can apply and register yourself before attending the fair.

Volta: Basel

Basel is a Swiss town based comfortably near the close borders of Germany and France. Basel is famous for its scenic beauties and rich heritage. The cosmopolitan town is a multicultural hub and arranges the Volta Art Fair every year for six days.

Volta focuses more on single art presentations, which is a great opportunity for individual artists not associated with any art galleries. Though you can choose across numerous artworks by international artists, you can also find the local forms in abundance.

The Art Fair was established as collaboration between dealers and friends and maintains the same stand even today, since 2005, the year of its inception!

The Volta Art Fair has been a successful platform for many aspiring talents to portray their skills to their potential audiences! It is one such dais that connects the creators of the art with the curators and collectors!

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the fair this year! Visit Basel on June 13 to 18 this year!

Liste Art Fair

One of the best platforms for the emerging talents in the art sector is the LISTE art fair! It was established for the core agenda to give a scope to include new galleries and provide a prospect for young artists to showcase their talents.

The 21 year old tradition is dedicatedly followed till date and encourages upcoming and skilled artists to rise in the field of art. There are many art galleries today, that crave to be a part of the fair, and this can be termed as the success of the fair.

LISTE is considered as an important art fair for curators and art collectors. Its unique quality of presenting the jaw dropping art forms has been applauded by critics across the world.

LISTE is a fair that boasts of energy, vitality, dynamism, quality and authenticity. You can sell and buy original artworks displayed across various counters on the fair.

Affordable Art Fair: London

The Affordable Art Fair considered one of the biggest Art fairs in the world is held across three continents and eleven countries! It is a major force for art galleries who exhibit their creative art forms for visitors and art collectors. Emerging artists as well as highly rich and experienced ones take part in the art fest to mesmerize the audiences

It was first launched in London in the year 1999 and now covers the biggest cities around the globe. It can be found in New York, Singapore, Hong Kong, Amsterdam, Brussels, Hamburg, Toronto, Stockholm, Seoul, Milan, Maastricht, and Bristol.

It is a real art spinner as more than 1.6 million people have benefitted from their fairs! It is a single point source for art collectors and its creators. As the name goes, you can buy the art forms at a very reasonable and affordable price!

Masterpiece Art Fair, London

Masterpiece, the London Art and Antiques Fair has quickly gained reputation of being one of the best in its class! It showcases the exceptional talent of the creative artists that is well complimented with the classy sculptors, crafted by the best in the industry!

It is hosted in London every year and witnesses a great footfall of art collectors and curators who keep a close watch on the announcement of the event. The fair is a great association of international art galleries who promote their work for the global audience. You can find enormous forms if art ranging from fine arts , abstracts, contemporaries, oil paints and so on.

Sculptures made of excellent quality metal, carbon fibers, steel and marbles are one the best qualities of the fair. The fair exhibits a wide array of historical as well as modern day art forms, with each art offering a unique paradigm to its visitor!

The fair has a massive fan following and due to its global presence, is attended and applauded by art aficionados!

Art Santa Fe: New Mexico

Santa Fe, the capital of New Mexico and one of the biggest multi-cultural hub, is widely proclaimed as the best destination to find traditional as well as historical art forms!

Santa Fe is a paradise of artists and art lovers. It has more than 250 art galleries and museums under its belly, a reason for attracting tourist from across the globe!

The exhibition stays for four days in the month of July and witnesses a exponential footfall of art aficionados! It is a common platform for art collectors and artists who can meet and discuss their creations

The fair includes a wide array of art forms that include fine art, glassworks, photography, sculptures, digital art and much more! Though it does not support other handcrafted items like jewellery, tapestries and any such arts, it is still considered an exhibition that promises a plate full of art forms!

Beirut Art Fair: Lebanon

Beirut is the capital and largest city of Lebanon. It is the house of many art galleries and fashionistas.  The fair has been operative since the year 2010 and has successfully given a boost to careers of many emerging artists.

The Beirut Art Fair was founded and directed by Laure d’Hauteville. It gives a common platform to art collectors, creators, critics and art lovers who have made the event a big hit since its inception. The organizers of the fair have created the Singapore Art Fair since the year 2014.

The exhibition hosts a wide array of art forms including paintings that cover oil paints, abstract paints apart from fine art forms. You can find sculptures of various forms that astonishes every visitor!

The fair is held in the month of September for four days, starting from 15th to 18th.

La Art Book Fair: Los Angeles & New York

The Los Angeles Art Book Fair is free and open to public. It is hoisted by Printed Matters and the same is also conducted in the city of New York. It is a one of a kind event that is a feast for readers and publishers! As a visitor, you can browse through thousands of catalogs, periodicals, journals, zines, monographs and novels! It is a merry for readers as they can find many of their favorite subjects under the same roof!

What more, you can find more than 250 international presses, publication houses, freelance publishers, artists and booksellers trying to woo you!

The LA Art book fair was a huge success, with more than 10,000 visitors attending the event every single day! You can make the most of the fair, by meeting various publishers, book critics, dealers and artists.

Docks Art Fair: France

Docks Art Fair, a specialized event dedicated to showcase the talents of contemporary photography and video art is held every two years in Lyon, France. The art fair was first started in the year 2001 with the sole aim to promote the photography and related art at a global horizon.

The Docks Art Fair is a classic platform for internationally acclaimed galleries to showcase their art works. Individual artists, professionals and freelance people too can take advantage of the enormous visitors looking for classic art works.

Being a visitor, you have option galore to choose from numerous arts! It is a common platform that bonds together artists, art lovers, galleries, critics and curators!

Art Rio: Brazil

Art Rio is an exceptional art fair, conducted in Brazil every year.  It emphasizes on promoting the budding talent by exhibiting their artworks for art aficionadas around the world. The fair is divided into programs such as PRISMA, VISTA and PANAROMA and works with some of the top notch Brazilian art galleries.

The art fair is a treat to art lovers as they can seize the opportunity of meeting art curators, and understanding their buying choices in a broader fashion. It is also a common place where richly experienced artists pass on the legacy to youngsters by helping them grow their network!

The fair not just promotes the Brazilian artworks, but also the acts as a multi cultural diverse of art that spans across geographical boundaries!

The art is held every year in the months of September or October and this year it is scheduled from 29th September to 2nd October

Swab Barcelona

Swab Barcelona is famous for its programs it has commissioned for the past eight successive years. It is a global platform that stays for four days and witnesses a graphical rise of art lovers each passing year. It promotes diverse art forms that span beyond paintings! The Swab Stair project that was organized in the year 2012 was a never before opportunity for artists who painted city walls of 200 linear meters which was in collaboration with TMB.

The fair also encourages artists by awarding important awards who excel in their art field! The jury includes famous personalities from the art world who are either owners of the biggest art galleries or the best artists in fine arts, digital arts or any such sectors!The Swab is unique in its own as they provide a space for curators, artists, fans, art lovers and art critics!

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