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If we are wondering how to make stickers, you are in the right place. There is no doubt that stickers are considered to be one of the most expressive forms of conveying emotions and feelings. It also is considered to be very useful and effective as a medium of advertisement.

There is a big demand for ready made as well as customized stickers. However, most of the stickers which we use, are made by professionals with years of experience. But if you are looking for the right answer to the question how to make stickers on your own, it is quite possible that you will find this article interesting and informative.

It certainly is a good way to learn something new and artistic and unlike common perceptions and beliefs it is not too difficult to make. 

There are a few things which you must know about sticker making and that is what we are going to share to our readers over the next few lines.

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Difference between Stickers and Labels

If you want to know how to make stickers, you must have a basic understanding of the difference between labels and stickers. Stickers are more colorful and mostly, have graphics and images. On the other hand, labels are basically used to give some information about a shop, store with details about addresses, location and so on. 

Understanding this is very essential as far as learning and mastering the tips to make stickers are concerned. Now let us try and find out a few important things about sticker making on your own.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Make Stickers

Choosing the Right Paper

The first and foremost task is to identifying the right paper medium on which the stickers are to be printed. In most cases, stickers are printed either on vinyl or paper. Knowing this basic difference will certainly help you to get the best results you would expect. Hence, this is one of the most important first lessons as far as tips to make stickers are concerned.

Paper stickers are the easiest to make and they are also cheap. Hence, if you are getting involved in sticker making for the first time, going in for paper would be a better option than choosing vinyl and other materials. T

his is because paper stickers are easier to make and you could cut them and size them to any specific needs and requirements. Without too much of experience it is possible to make oval labels, round labels, rectangular labels and even square labels. This is an important lesson as far as sticker making is concerned.

How to Print the Stickers?

You must next learn how to use a good laser printer to print designs on the paper. This is an important aspect as far as answering the question how to make stickers is concerned. However, you have to do the right kind of research and choose the right sized sticker paper for the job. 

It would be better to try and go in for an inklet label paper. However, care should be taken to ensure that the inkjet label paper is used properly. Otherwise, there could be the risk of the laser melting and the adhesive could ooze and get stuck on your laser printer. This could certainly lead to irreversible damages to the laser printer.

You also must make sure that you are making use of the right inkjet sticker paper for inkjet papers. The same should be the case when you decide to use laser printers. You must only use laser sticker paper and you must avoid interchanging them under any circumstances.

The World of Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl stickers making use of vinyl papers are also a very good solution. These are also quite suitable for making different types of stickers in your home. They have a wide variety of use and therefore, can be used for production of labels. 

They are used for creating address labels and also for use in car bumpers, just to name a few. You also could use them for taking the first steps for creating an online sticker store. They are not very difficult to make and there are many online resources available as far as learning the steps are concerned.

 However, you must choose the right quality of vinyl paper failing, which it is quite possible that the stickers would fade over a period of time. They have a lower shelf life when compared to paper stickers.


We also may have come across decals. These are basically used for outdoors and they are made from a permanent adhesive. There is a difference in the transfer process between vinyl stickers and decals. While stickers and labels have to be peeled away from a waxy paper. 

This is not the case as far as decals are concerned. These are transferred directly onto the surface and then the backing is removed. If you are looking for die cut script using different letters then it could be better to go in for decals. Hence, if you wish to sell stickers online, you must have a combination of conventional labels, paper, and vinyl-based stickers and decals.

Now you would have understood, how to make stickers, perfectly. Try these tips to make your own stickers and rock the sticker market.

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