The Artist Mythbusters

about 6 years ago
product By Shrutika Patwardhan

Our mental image of an artist is so conventional that we refuse to accept the reality that these people are exactly like us.

The Artist Mythbusters

Every artwork that is produced in public is subjected to scrutiny by everyone. The experienced ones as well as people, who have absolutely no knowledge in the field, easily give their opinions about the piece of work that is created and nurtured by an artist. It's very easy to pass a judgment on a piece of art even to the extent of banning it from further public view.

There are hundreds of myths about artists that have them classified as a separate type of people altogether. This blog is Mythbusters to the society who thinks artists are jobless. Though they work from home, they make a decent living out of their skills! If someone is a painter, writer or a musician we instantly picture them in disheveled hair, wrinkled loose clothes and smoking out of a pipe.

Our mental image of an artist mythbusters is so conventional that we refuse to accept the reality that these people are exactly like us. The only difference being, they have been able to reach a whole new level of reality that we cannot even begin to decipher. What is downright comical, are the never ending myths that circulate about them.

Old Artists - Art demands an artist to be old.

If an extremely talented man were to call himself an artist, we desperately want him to be at least sixty years of age, with dropping stature and a face resembling a roadmap. We are so set in our ways that a twenty-something person thinks twice before publicizing his/her piece of creation in fear of being rejected for having 'no experience'.

This good read might be an inspiration to young artists

Lonely Artists - Artists always remain lonely and isolated.

We cannot picture an author, painter, sculptor or a musician having a social life AT ALL. We want him to lock himself away in a far, desolate land with no human contact and expect him to show projections of life and humanity. If an artist has the reputation of being in a loving family with Sunday dinners and many friends, we begin to have our own doubts about his excellence. Irony. Isn't it?

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Art cannot by understood by everyone.

Walk into a gallery opening, you will find a set of people boasting about brush strokes and blend of colors. Go to a classical musical show and you will find another separate class of people attending it. Visit a bookstore and you will find readers of literary works standing miles away from fiction novels. 

Some of the best fine arts and abstract arts are admired for the intelligent efforts of the artist! But seldom does it find success in every category of masses, because it does not get understood by everyone! That’s the tragedy!

Why this classification? Why cannot we accept that a painting can also be praised by a twenty-year old as uniquely as a 50 year old? Why cannot a young person enjoy classical music without being scoffed at by elders? These thin lines of age, gender, and class keep us from growing out of our stereotypical ways.

Artists are jobless and always high on drugs.

Many will totally deny this fact, but we all know how judgmental we get if someone has a poster of Bob Marley on their bedpost. We always have this image of an artist downing themselves in alcohol or marijuana. He should spend a whole day, wasted, in front of his canvas or manuscript and should have no job or a bank account for that matter. Haven't we gone a bit too far with these projections in our head?

Artists create utmost beauty in the form a tune, a few words, or a blend of colors. Period. If we enjoyed these beautiful pieces in their simplest forms, only then we will be able to envision it through their eyes. 

When we look beyond the standard mindset, we naturally absorb more that we usually did. Simply speaking, if we don't judge art and its creator, it would in some ways, make us all artists from the inside.

Imagine some of the world’s best sculptures and then think about the mindset of the artist. How many of you can say with the highest level of confidence that the artist would have been on drugs? I doubt so!

Artists do not work hard

It is a gross myth that artists are unfocused and do not work hard. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Artists work hard in order to master their art. A ballerina has to train for years and years to call herself a professional. A writer spends many nights on his or her novel until it finally gets published. They must make many sacrifices in order to learn how to be an artist.

Artists are unaware

It is always believed that artists are aloof and do not keep track of current events and social problems. This is entirely untrue. Some of the greatest artworks in the world had been created in retaliation of cruel rulers or corrupt governments. Even to this day, art remains the most unique way of protest. The impact of art is tangible as many revolutions have been started by artists in the past.

Artists are incapable of International Jobs

For those who think a fine art artist is restricted to showcase his talent to the regional level must rethink on his views! There is a host of opportunities for the talent heads as many countries now have come up with platforms that broadcast the talent at the global scale!

Thanks to many websites like who act as a medium to promote the best fine arts of abstract and contemporary artists to the audience situated to any corner of the world!

These are international jobs created for the talent heads, as many fans and admirers of art demand many creations from their idols.

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