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How did music come into existence?
Fun Facts!
Music is conjectured to have originated 55,000 years ago from the oral tradition in the tribal region of Africa. We also find references to the Australian aboriginal music and the music of the Native Americans, which can safely be presumed to be one of the earliest forms of music.

Approximately 3400 years ago in Ugarit, the oldest known song was written and deciphered by Anne Draffkorn Kilmer. Meanwhile, in India, the ancient scriptures took a detailed approach to music while the Iranian king Jamshid was credited with the inception of music.

In ancient Greece, music formed an instrumental part of Greek theatre and songs sung by the chorus were incorporated into the drama so as to be almost unrecognizable if they were to be performed nowadays without music.

Music has been a great path to spirituality and has been used extensively since generations. Some have used it as a healing touch for depressed souls!

Music comes in different styles ranging from traditional rock to popular world pop. Each music genre has a cult following and a lot of cultural influence. Many genres have a rich history beyond the 20th century. Music can be separated in different genres in many different ways. Music is present in every culture, past or present. The music of a particular society is much influenced by several other aspects of the culture both social and economic. The emotions that music tries to express are normally a situation that society is in.

Music cannot be produced effectively without the help of instruments. Traditional instruments are now on the brink of extinction and some of the best ones are jotted down here!

Musical Genres

1. POP
Pop music is the short form of popular music, which has elements from other genres of music like Latin, dance, classical, jazz, rock, urban and country.

With the technological innovations of the portable transistor radios, pop musicians toppled the need of visual presence and catered widely to the angst filled teenagers who sought an outlet for their confusing emotions. Pop music is suited to be presented in the form of recording rather than in a live performance.

While we are talking about pop, it would be a blasphemy to ignore Michael Jackson, popularly and justifiably known as the 'King of Pop'. His song Thriller changed our perception of what pop music should be overnight and taught us that music can be best enjoyed when coupled with dance.

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It originated around the end of the 19th century through the African-American communities in the United States- an unification of traditional African music and European folk music.

Blues can basically be defined as pop re-imagined with a greater vigour and is dominated by guitars, groovy bass and soft drums. It follows specific scales popularly named as the 'call and response pattern'.

B.B King's 'The Thrill has gone' catapulted the great guitarist to instant fame and became his signature song.

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Rock music has probably been the most volatile of all music genres, constantly reinventing itself since its inception in the late 1960s from rock-and-roll and pop music.

The entire form is based on the electric guitar and heavier beats on the drums. It also has sub-genres like generic rock and progressive rock.


Metal, like jazz, lays its emphasis on the instrumentalist's skill. It is characterised by speed, amplification, distorted guitar riffs, dense bass drums, extended solos and harsh vocals.

Metallica's 'Master of Puppets' exemplifies all that metal lovers are excited about with the vocals and instruments blending in like salt and pepper!


Classical music is rooted in the tradition of the western culture. Classical music has a wide range of romantic orchestral music to classical music sang by monks to avant-garde compositions for piano.

The special characteristics of this classical music are that it is written down in notes. The instruments, mainly used in classical music are mainly invented in the middle of the 19th century and was coded in the 18th and 19th century.

The classical era used a lot of stringed instruments, mainly violin, viola, cello, and contrabass.


As the name suggests, electronic music employs electronic musical instruments and electronic musical technology for the creation of the music, which were first seen in the 1920s and 1930s.

In the 1940s, magnetic audio tapes were invented which allowed musicians to store music and alter them. The first music solely produced by electronic generators was in Germany in 1953, followed by the USA and Japan.

Use of computers for the algorithmic creation of music was first seen in 1951 in Australia.


Traditionally, folk music is a kind which has been transmitted to generation orally. The composers of the original music are usually or almost always not known.

It is very different from commercial or classical music where the composers are popularized. The folk revival music of the 20th century is different from the traditional one as it is more of fusions of folks with rock, electronic or metal

The African-American community of New Orleans during the late 19th and early 20th century, popularized a particular form of music which eventually went on to be the most popular.

It has a span of over 100 years and encompasses a wide range of styles. It has been time and again impoverished by the American popular culture, though its original roots are with the American black community. Jazz was popularized around the world and resulted in several distinctive styles.

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This has been intended to bring in and promote some serenity. It is light music usually instrumental which used some harmonious music and sounds.

Used by yoga practitioners and healers it is a soothing music. Associated with nature, stress management and modern spiritualism, new age music is yet to gain high popularity.


You hear reggae and the name that pops out of your mouth is the very famous Bob Marley of The Wailers. It has been the popular early Jamaican music form.

It is a combination of the elements of mento, jazz, rhythm and blues. The dominant instrument is the bass guitar. It spread to many countries and new music was developed using local popular instruments.

Coming Close To The Melodies

Having heard of so many great musical forms, you have undoubtedly been tempted to try listening to them if you are a music enthusiast. However, if you aren't one, you can always try to develop your taste in music by trying to listen to different types of music which correspond to your various emotional states.

If you don't like a particular musical genre, you can always try to get acquainted by playing the musical instrument closely associated with it which will give u a deeper understanding of the basic framework of that genre.

Above all, enjoy the musical experience and as the great bard Shakespeare himself said,"If music be the food of love, play on."

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