Ferropainting Fine Art mastered by German Artist

about 6 years ago
product By Hardik Kothari

Environment-friendly art created with rust by Heinz Sterzenbach

Abstract Art And Fine Art, Redefined!

"Change the way you look at things and the things you look at; change", Dr. Wayne W. Dyer claimed, has always worked for him. His analogy is that, at a subatomic level, the act of observing a particle, actually changes the particle. He links this entire theory to quantum physics.

Iron turning to rust combined with the power of observation is something that connects ShowFlipper's Ferroprinting man, Heinz Sterzenbach to this whole experience.In all your years on this earth, have you ever heard the word 'rust' talked about in a positive light? Often we are reminded of scrap materials and junkyards when it comes to rust

But one artist in Berlin, going by the name of Heinz Sterzenbach can envision art when he sees rusting metals. His completely novel art form is called ferroprinting (which means ferrous printing) where he uses rust instead of paint to make various structures. His ferroprinting art collection, consisting of more than fifty artworks, is exclusively available on the ShowFlipper website

There might have been very few who would have dared to pick a subject like waste and rust to bring  creativity around them. We often neglect fabrics that have been distorted, or antique metal pieces that are unused for several years! 

These things bite the dust and eventually are termed as scrap! But, the prime question gets born here….Are they really so unworthy? Can’t we find a way to glorify these old objects? Do olden and antique sculptures be ignore for the rest of our lives?

Green Art and Photo Print

He first developed the method of creating art with scrap in 2008, when he began searching for partly or fully rusted scrap materials. He works by starting to oxidize iron on paper, resulting in unique patterns. This he does by using half-rusted pieces of scrap like disc brakes, pig iron, toothed wheels.

When the paper is embossed with the desired shape, he spreads tea, coffee or vinegar over it and lets it sit overnight. And works incessantly to create collages, images, and shapes that he wants to portray. Thus nature helps him create this form of contemporary art.

He selects partly rusted metals that are usually flat in order to gain the most flexibility when it comes to shapes. He uses homemade paper as is canvas. He puts the paper in a photo tray and picks out the metal objects he wants. These contemporary art are used to create impressions on the paper.

Once he is happy with the structures he has created, he covers the painting in tea, coffee or vinegar (he prefers white vinegar) and lets it sit overnight. Then he makes additions to his acrylic painting with either watercolor or Caparol binder mixed with acrylic colors, to give look to the acrylic painting. He likes to keep the conventional paint to a bare minimum to ensure the natural look on his paintings is maintained and more importantly the rust-based objects stick out.

A great art site that serves as a resource for artists and dealers is Art Navigator

 The science behind creating ferropaints is lucidly simple. Rusted materieal, homepaper as a canvas, tea, coffee, vinegar and metal objects are the things that carve the magnificence Heinz always wanted! His sole purpose is to see the beauty behind every despair.

Heinz has brought forward a vision that will stay in the minds and souls of the coming generations! His work includes using simple things to craft a photo print that adds life to the broken!

A good read about abstract art and Abstract Expressions will make you spellbound!

There are  numerous digital arts that can be used in as a complement to improvise the unique field of ferropaintings. This can be a blissful combination of using modern day techniques in promoting something that has been a part of the past! With options a galore, today’s generation can pounce on this opportunity to work in this interesting sector. It is a never before prospect for the youngsters to learn the new methods of art using the envisions of Heinz Sterzenbach.

ShowFlipper’s Bond with Ferropainting

Team ShowFlipper instantly developed a deep bond with the artwork of Heinz Sterzenbach. His passion, perception and preference for ferropainting was something that amused in the beginning but ignited a flame of self belief in the end! Some of his greatest artworks like contemporary art and acrylic painting are proudly showcased on ShowFlipper. The abstract art skills that he posseses has raised the bar of his art work!

The aim is not about selling the art, but bringing the new age artists closer to his perspective. It is not always about monetary gains that makes an artist famous, but his passion to bring life to his art! We at ShowFlipper believe to glorify the fine art concept more than the art itself!

There is no shortcut to achieve success than believing in what you do. The results seldom matter. In Heinz’s case, his passion to bring out the best from the least and making art out of nowhere is a stunning admiration.

It is grit and determination of Heinz Sterzenbach that made him our ShowTainer! His masterpieces can be bought at affordable prices too. Make the most of your day be searching for the greatest artworks that respect nature and a thanksgiving to Mother Nature!

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