Things To Keep In Mind While Selecting Wall Art For Living Room

about 5 years ago
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When it comes to decorating your living room with wall art, it becomes difficult to come to a conclusion as to what kind of wall art would be good to look at. This is especially true and difficult decisions for people who are interested in art, but fail to understand the nuances of art.

For such seasonal art enthusiasts, the best type of wall art for living rooms is digital art or 3D Wall Art. Digital wall art is modern, contemporary and chic. It adds a new charm to your living room settings.
One can buy digital wall art for living room in the forms of frames, stickers; wall prints, etc. from online digital art galleries which sell digital art.

Wall Art and for that matter digital wall art and 3D wall art of established artists are expensive. But, there are affordable wall art options created by new, unknown and emerging artists whose creations are equally good to adorn your living room walls.

Before selecting and buying wall art for your living room, you need to consider and think over five absolutely necessary things that will not only help you take the right decision, but also make sure that your living room will remain fresh looking even after years of having the same wall art.
Let us take a look.

Wall Art For Living Room

Wall art when placed at the right place in a home can work magic.
Buy What You Love: Wall art or any art cannot be a “maybe” factor. It is either yes or no. The reason for a black and white decision is that art has the power to excite you, inspire you, empower you, or make you feel down. Hence, when buying wall art for your living room, you need to be absolutely sure that you really want that very wall art. 

Also one more thing to consider is that the living room is a place for family evenings and also for entertaining guests, hence one should pick and buy a wall art that is not intimidating, overpowering, dark and heavy. The wall art needs to be mild, fresh, should convey feelings of assurance, love, confidence, happiness and joy.

Go For A Mix

If your living room gives a vibe of old era, then a wall art which has a contemporary theme will give it a pop. It can be vice versa too. This is important because the living room is a place where most of the action happens, in terms of socializing, family time, etc. Hence, a contrast of visual cues brings about a level of comfort to everybody.

Do Not Match The Room With The Art

Just like the last one, neither supplement, nor complement the living room space with colors or decor that match with the wall art. Your living room should have a contrast of colors. Your living room walls color and the wall art colors should completely stand out in comparison and should equally be prominent in their effect.

Add Class To Your Living Room

Investing in furniture and tapestry will help your living room to be the jewel of the home. It will also alleviate your class in the eyes of your guests and visitors.

Tell A Story

Your living room should tell a story of your family, the personality of the home, and make a statement on your journey over the years of living. Mix and match patterns and styles and eras and other furnishings. You would be glad you did.

Be Unpredictable

Your living room should also have a bold style statement that will shock your visitors in awe (but in a good way). The bolder the statement, the longer it will linger in the memory of your guests and visitors.

How To Select The Right Kind Of Wall Art for Living Room

Selecting the right kind of wall art for your living room is a journey of self discovery.

Know Where To Place The Wall Art

Not every empty space can carry an embellishment. This is so true while selecting a wall for your living room wall art. If the wall art is placed in an obscure corner of your living room hidden behind furniture or any other item, that makes the wall art a liability. The living room wall art should have utmost visibility and should get more natural light. After all, the wall art is for making your living room more beautiful and appealing.

The Art Should Be Of The Right Dimensions

Whether you are buying simple framed fine art wall painting or digital art, it should fit properly on the living room walls and should be in complete sync with the other objects and colors in the living room, even with the color on the walls. If you really like a concept of the artwork but if the colors, contrast or size is not of your liking, ask for a customized piece of artwork.

Know The Creator

Before buying wall art painting or digital art, you must do a small research on the artist who made the artwork. This is a very important step because – 1) There are many fake artists and 2) There are many fake and cheap reworks or re-creations which have no value. The wall art you buy should have a resale value. Otherwise the artwork is useless.

Always Buy Easy To Move Artwork

Wall art such as a fine art painting, digital painting, 3D wall art, mural or collage, vinyl, prints, etc. should be brought in frames. The logic being that it becomes easy to remove, transport, and store the artwork for future use. People move homes or renovate them, and if an artwork is embedded in the wall, it becomes difficult to remove it as it is. Either you have to break it or scrap it. And if you have invested quite a lot of money, it becomes waste; also it loses it resale value.

How To Keep Your Walls Refreshed

The biggest advantage of buying movable wall art is that you can use it anywhere to give a refreshing look to your living room.

Be Open To New Ideas

Thinking to update the look of your living room? Wall art for Living Room should be the first priority. If your wall art has a resale value, sell it and buy a new wall art. Make sure it should be more in sync with your renovated living room. You can try a different theme, color, concept, era, style for your new look.

Buy Multi-Variant Wall Art

When you buy a wall art for living room, the one thing you need to keep in mind is versatility. Be it a fine art painting or 3D wall art, make sure that this piece of art blends in with any nook, corner or asset of your living room. It should blend with the new lighting, colors, furniture and other assets.

Over To You…

Let us know in the comments whether these tips helped you to select wall art for your living room.
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