Facing criticism for your art work

about 6 years ago
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How to do an effective self-critique of your artwork

Be the first one to criticize your art work

"The artist is the only one qualified to criticize his art work, because only the artist knows what he was trying to express and how satisfied he is with the attempt." - Ron Brackin, Author.

Being a critic of another person's work is easy, especially when you haven't seen it before. But what do you do, when faced with the task of being a critic of your own work, which you have watched taking shape since the first scratch on the canvas? 

Isn't it likely that you have spotted all mistakes in it, while you were working on it? Well, not quite! Creating something new is a wonderful feeling, and it is not uncommon for artists to get carried away with it.

The best time to do a self critique of your work is when it is completed and you are ready to send it out. Take some time off before you send it to the art dealer or your agent, and follow the procedures mentioned below to look at it objectively and make sure it is perfect.

1. Look at it from a distance: This can help in bringing out small imperfections that are not easily visible when the abstract painting is viewed up close. For best results, you should make it a habit of doing this even when you are art gallery.

2. Make sure the center of interest has maximum visibility: Which object in the painting constitutes the core of its theme? In case of still life, this is the most prominently visible object in the painting. make sure it has the right contrast, so that it can be viewed clearly, even from a distance. Adjust shades and shadows as required.

3. Turn the painting to the side and then upside down: This can bring out imperfections in ways you would have never thought possible. A crooked line on the horizon will show up as an eyesore when you turn the painting to the side or upside down.

 You can also look at it in the mirror. If you have created it in a software program, flip it around to look for oddities. Your final work will be improved to a great extent.

4. Check lights and shadows: Finally, be sure that all warm lights in your painting have cool shadows, and vice versa. This will make the objects pop more than anything else.

5. Give more value to masses: Make sure the value shapes are not broken up with too many dark/light spots. That could give the painting a polka-dot-like appearance.

6. Be Honest with Yourself: Self criticism implies we must be straightforward with our-self. Criticism has no advantage from attempting to legitimize our awful activities. On the off chance that we can figure out how to be straightforward with ourselves our soul will keep us from undertaking lamentable activities.

7. Maintain a strategic distance from Excessive Guilt: Self criticism is difficult, however it is an important part of our self change. In any case, when we censure our terrible activities, it is unhelpful to hold an intense feeling of blame. Blame does not offer us to enhance, it some assistance with canning simply make us feel hopeless.

8. Self Improvement not self disdain: Self feedback does not mean self disdain. We need to draw a watchful line between working at our self change and feeling pointless and useless. Recall that we are just reprimanding a specific activity and not our self. 

In the event that we commit errors no mischief; slip-ups are a key a portion of learning and creating. The essential thing is that we can gain from our activities. Self criticism ought to be looked upon as a positive thing, and not an apparatus for pummeling ourselves.

9. Try not to Let Pride Get in the Way: Our self image likes to trust we are constantly right and in this manner it gets to be hard to look at our internal thought processes. Nonetheless, to keep doing the wrong thing from a feeling of pride just serves to amplify the current oversight. 

On the off chance that we are hesitant to roll out a few improvements as a result of a false confidence in our sense of self, we will feel a lasting strain. On the off chance that we can figure out how to relinquish pride, we will pick up delight from our own particular self-change.

10. Know Your Values: It is imperative to condemn ourselves for the right things. Work out what makes a difference in life. For instance, on the off chance that you neglect to meet the desires of your supervisor in working additional time, this is not inexorably a thing to act naturally basic about. 

Notwithstanding, in the event that you are being so as to let down your companions neglectful and unkind, this is much more huge; act naturally basic about the things that matter.

Self critique isn't the easiest task, especially when you are doing it to something on which you have spent hours, days, or perhaps even weeks! However, if you manage to do it right, the quality of your work will be a lot better, which is why you should make it a point to do it every time you create a new artwork.

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