Importance Of Art Work

about 5 years ago
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The Importance Of Art Work

On May 11 2015, news filtered in that a Pablo Picasso painting was sold to a private collector for a whopping 179.4 million dollars. Many people began to question the importance of such a painting and how the money could have been utilized for more "constructive" purposes such as research or philanthropic activities. 

Some people are of the opinion that these rare paintings of creativity are too great for one man and that they belong in an art gallery. They rued the fact that art has become a rich man's hobby. People began to question its importance.

Here is why art is so important in nurturing a child!

The aesthetic importance of art cannot be measured. One feels immense joy when one gets to see the wall paintings at the Sistine Chapel with their own eyes observe a Pablo Picasso painting or one would easily give their life if it meant they could hear Mozart performing live once. 

The taste and intensity of a person's passion may be different, but it certainly has a huge impact on lives of those around them.

Art In Everyday Life

Even for an ordinary person, hardly a day goes by where you don't listen to music, watch a film or read a book. It affects and influences our thoughts. We are inspired by the creativity of others like fine arts and we begin to create ourselves. We learn valuable lessons in life without having to experience them ourselves.

 One gets in touch with their emotions when they practice art work. You feel nostalgic along with an overflow of emotions when we come across a piece of art that meant a lot to you in the past. It's also the most constructive way to pass our time.

Opportunities In Art

We tend to think of an artist as rich and famous or more commonly living in penury. That need not be the case. Today we see exciting opportunities for artists in several fields like arts and crafts for kids, where the only things that matter are hard work and talent as is the case with any career. 

New galleries are on the lookout for new and edgy talent all the time.There are opportunities in design and entertainment industry.

Moreover, one can always make art for kids a lucrative part-time job with the advent of the internet. Several artists have become overnight sensations due to their blogs while continuing their day jobs. These blogs may include simply posting your content online or tutorials and solutions regarding design. 

There are websites such as ShowFlipper that help you in creating an online art gallery of your own. A writer may post entire books online for people to read and critique. It's like having thousands of editors making suggestions for your novel. This way you get exposure and yet maintain a control on your content.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is another way creative activity can help us deal with problems of stress and depression. It may focus on just painting as a form of therapy. Alternatively, it can focus on psycho-analysis by way of studying the paintings or content that a person produces. It has been known to help in overcoming tragedies in one's personal life. It may also help in stress busting.

Many artists have discovered their talent through art activities for kids this method. One such person is Judith Iris Quate who began painting after losing her son to cerebral palsy. Her collection on ShowFlipper is truly touching and is testament to the effectiveness of art therapy.

Audience For Art

Art is often shot down as a hobby of the rich. That is certainly a myth. Although it is true that the rich are often the most active buyers and connoisseurs, there still remain several museums in the world that have high tourist population consisting of people from all backgrounds. Plus films are a highly accessible medium with a large following all over the world.

Art activities for kids is a wonderful medium to express and share our emotions in a language that we all can speak and understand. One can find solace in it even during their dark and lonely days. Its importance may be intangible sometimes, but it remains one of the things that give us the distinction of being human beings.

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