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Get your books published in the easiest ways possible.

Sell books the smartest way

Have you always thought of bringing out your book and don't know how to do it? These days it is not enough just being a great author or a writer, but one also needs to be a smart writer and that book needs to appeal the audience so that you are able to sell books online for maximum gains!.

This article educates you how to sell your book online. We shall take you through the supports of becoming an available writer. This article attempts to envelop the entire procedure of book-publishing right from the writing process.

Use creative writing as the first step!

The most noticeable rung of printing a book is your actual creative writing. Your job is to make sure that your writing is good enough to sell your book.

Try to keep the viewers in mind while working on a  book (without concession on the quality); this makes your content more marketable. Research the topic that you are writing on, say you are writing on famous sculptors of the world; ensure you have enough material on the subject.

It is also important for the writer to plan his book, the number of chapters he is going to write. It would be ideal for the author to draw a roadmap of the book, the number of chapters, the book is going to consist of, the images he is going to use, the graphics he is going to use


Create A Distinctive Identify For Your Book

In these days of the internet, it is not great to have reader savvy content, but it is also important that your fiction book or the nonfiction book should rank high on Google or Yahoo search.

In the times of SEO it is not only important that your book content is unique, it is also important that your title is unique and eye catching, so as to be ranked high on Google or Yahoo search. The higher your book is ranked in these search engines, the better your book will sell online.

Edit Your Nonfiction Book

Editing your book is a crucial process. Editing is of two kinds; developmental (or substantive) editing and copyediting. Developmental editing makes big changes to your book.

If done properly and by a professional, then it can clean up storylines, improve characters and make your content highly enjoyable. These editors can help better your story flows, correct the contradictions in your story lines and ensure that your book is readable and enjoyable, whether you are writing a fiction book or on a book on how to design jewellery.

Formatting Your e-book

This topic gains importance when it comes to e-books. You must follow the rules laid down by the site you plan to upload your e-book on (more on that later). This ensures that your book is readable on various electronic devices. There are sites that format it for you and make it appropriate for an e-book.

The writer will also need to provide some simple data called metadata regarding your fiction book or the nonfiction book online booksellers. A well written and sincere account will help translate more browsers to buyers.

Copyright Issues

Be sure to take a look at copyright rules of your country to know more about registration. Also, if you plan to upload through a site, then also go through their terms and conditions.

It is always better to copyright your book, as it protects your fantasy books from plagiarism. However it is important to add a word of caution here, the content of the book you can copyright, you cannot copyright the title of the book.

To ensure that you have exclusive control of your book, it might be a good idea to get an ISBN registration number for your book, ISBN is a numbering system for books across the world.


Your Cover Design

This facet of book publishing is often ignored. But even for an e-book, the back and front covers make a huge difference in increasing sales. Try to hire a professional to improve the look of the book. 

Get him to give your book an extra look, by not only designing the front and back covers, but also design the spine of the book. If not, there are several sites that help you design book covers yourself.

How To Sell Books Online

Once your book is finished and ready to be seen by readers, the next you need to think about it outreach. The two 'P's you should worry about are platform and promotion.

Promote your books the new way: Book Trailers!

ShowFlipper offers you a platform to sell and promote your books online. Showflipper's SF Studio gives you the power to showcase your work on a global stage. The site features the widest range of Books for its readers, be it mystery novels, science fiction, fantasy books, informational or romance.

 Readers have the opportunity to read previews online of the book before they opt to buy the book!

Price Your Book Cheap

Select the right price

Keep the price within the buyers reach

For e-books, keep downloading price between $3 to $5 to get a fair percentage of earnings

Marketing your e-books

Although selling your e-books on free sites is cost-effective publishing, almost no marketing goes into your work. This means that you must put extra attention to things such as a cover design and promote your books yourself.

Another important step if you upload an e-book for free is external promotion. You can experiment with social media sites such as Instagram, Flickr and Twitter for your book.

Moreover, due to the huge popularity of visual media among tech-savvy youth, you can even create book trailers on YouTube. Depending on your budget and demographic, you can decide on a script and format that manages to gain attention of people and creates curiosity about a book.

Reader Relations

Another good idea is to maintain relations with bloggers and readers. You can even choose to make changes to your book based on suggestions made by various bloggers. Remember only to use these comments as reference and only incorporate changes that you truly feel are required.

Here come some common errors one can avoid while writing an e-book.

Selecting the wrong topic: Add to quantity of labor and increased pricing!

Writing the Instructions First: A long introduction will lead to reader’s apathy. Having an “About The Author” page helps a better connectivity

Not Writing Regularly: Loss of momentum, misunderstands the readers scope and nerve

Being Over Critical Of One's Own Work: Focus more on larger issues, than smaller ones. Giving undue attention to the smallest of errors disheartens the author.

Hope you learnt some things from this article and are confident enough to publish your own works soon. All the best for your writing adventure!

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