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Friday, 05.04.2019

Moto Art  Show Hosted  A Custom Helmet Exhibit

Moto Art Show hosted ‘Helmets for India’ custom helmet art exposition at Bombay Art Gallery in Mumbai on 24 March. The aim of this exhibit was to underscore the value of wearing helmets for road safety, using the medium of art. Apart from novel customized helmets, the show also showed artworks created by artists from India and overseas.  The proceeds will go to a charity.

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Installation Made Using Cell Phones To Underscore China's E-Waste Problem

A Chinese artist last week presented a sculpture made using discarded mobiles and shaped like a signal tower in an effort to emphasize the problem of electronic waste in China.

The phones were devised to a metal support and synchronized so the screens would flicker in several colors.

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Paris' Arc De Triomphe To Be Wrapped In Silver Fabric By Artist Christo

Artist Christo will now actualize his plans to wrap Paris' Arc de Triomphe in almost 30,000 square yards of silvery recyclable cloth along with 7,700 yards of red rope.

The concept for L'Arc de Triomphe, Wrapped was first imagined, in 1962, by Christo along with Jeanne Claude, his late art partner, and wife.

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An Artist Under Investigation For Replicating The Holocaust Memorial Outside A Far-Right Politician's House

An artist Philipp Ruch installed a section of the Holocaust memorial, built to scale, outside Björn Höcke's window, in November 2017. Björn Höcke, a far-right German politician, has previously called the memorial in Berlin “a monument of shame."  He tried to start civil and criminal proceedings but to no avail. The replica of the Holocaust memorial still remains.

But now  a state prosecutor is investigating the artist on suspicion of “forming a criminal association.” The investigation has raised concerns for many people.

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Stefano Boeri Designs The Room For Cartoon By Raphael To Be Displayed

Stefano Boeri has devised the current set-up for the cartoon in the Raphael room, inside Milan's Pinacoteca Ambrosiana. The preliminary cartoon gains spotlight at the new design, which is directed at maximizing the environmental aid of the work itself in order to ensure its preservation over time

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The Science That Helps In Detecting Fake Artworks

The first action a forensic art detective will take is looking at the artwork through a microscope. This step is called microscopy, and art investigators use a stereo microscope, which enables them to see the numerous layers of paint in 3D. This can help them determine whether the paint was used after the picture was originally composed.

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A Hot Air Balloon Artwork By Doug Aitken To Lift Off In Massachusetts

A chrome-colored hot air balloon created by the American multimedia artist Doug Aitken will cruise through numerous natural and cultural sites in Massachusetts this year. Termed New Horizon, the plan will mark the 100 ft-tall balloons take off in Martha’s Vineyard on 12 July and make approximately nine stops across the state. It will carry around six to nine passengers.

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Discovered After 165 Years, 8 William Blake Paintings Will Be In A  Tate Exhibition

Watercolors by William Blake that were traded by a Glasgow bookshop for £50 each and consequently scattered by Sotheby’s for a sum of over $6m will be displayed in a Tate exhibition this fall. The watercolors were misplaced for 165 years until they ended up in a collection at a second-hand bookshop in Glasgow, where they were purchased by two dealers for approximately £1,000 in 2001.  Two years after that the Tate sought to buy the collection, offering £4.2m.

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Brooklyn Museum Introduces A $25000 Award For Emerging Artists

The Brooklyn Museum declared that it will begin giving out an award named the UOVO Prize, which will go yearly to an artist living or working in Brooklyn. The prize gets its name from UOVO, an art storage firm that has four facilities in the places of New York City area. It will come along with $25,000, as well as the chance to design an installation for the facade of a UOVO storage facility and an exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum.

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Artist Antonio Asis Passes Away

Antonio Asis, the Argentine artist best recognized for his illusionistic and exciting geometric compositions, passed away on Thursday. The news was verified by Sicardi Gallery in Houston but did not instantly offer a cause of death for the artist.

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Thursday, 04.04.2019

Software Magnate To Transform A Communist-Era Restaurant Into A Museum

Software billionaire Hasso Plattner is planning to start another museum. He has previously founded the Barberini Museum, which opened in Potsdam, Germany  in 2017. He proposes to transform a deteriorating communist-era restaurant in the city into a haven for his gathering of East German art.

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The Confederate Flag Of Surrender Hoisted In A Philadelphia  Exhibit

In Sonya Clark’s exhibit titled 'Monumental Cloth, the Flag We Should Know', on display at Philadelphia’s Fabric Workshop and Museum till 4 August, the African-American artist strives to hoist the truce flag—a repurposed white linen napkin with three thin red lines—that finished the Civil War in 1865 and examine the prevalent symbolism of the Confederacy. 

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Leonardo Da Vinci's Unexpected Family Roots And Their Influence On His Art

Though Leonardo da Vinci is known as an Italian Renaissance artist, a little investigation into his genealogy tracks his family’s roots, beyond Italy, to Spain and Morocco and explains how an unconventional grandfather, Antonio da Vinci, may have inspired the early education of the Tuscan Master.

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Art From India And Pakistan Finds Common Ground In Dubai

At Dubai's recently held International Art Fair, artists from both nations found a neutral ground where they could express themselves not just artistically, but talk about their own countries with each other. Over the years both Art Dubai and Sharjah Biennal have become an impartial space for art and artists from the countries and thus it helps to improve the tourism in Dubai and Sharjah.

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Jia Aili, A Favorite Of Chinese Contemporary Art Scene, Brings His First Show To NYC

The changing Asian art market that in the last ten years has generated an influx of international art galleries and art fairs in some of the places in Hong Kong has been suffering through ups and downs recently.  Despite this Jia Aili’s first solo exhibit at the Gagosian in New York illustrates that emerging artists from these countries are still in high demand in the international art market.

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Behind-The-Scenes At Andy Warhol's Stage Production

Andy Warhol, the American artist who conceivably founded the visual art movement called the Pop art movement, presented his only theatre production in 1971 and it was fittingly unreal.

The show, named Andy Warhol’s Pork, was adapted and directed by Anthony J. Ingrassia and presented at La Mama for a two-week “trial run” during May 1971.

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Louvre Transforms Highways In Abu Dhabi Into Galleries

Next week, three large sculptures will welcome people driving along the principal Abu Dhabi-Dubai E11 highway. This endeavor will be a part of the second version of the Louvre Abu Dhabi’s 'highway gallery'. In addition, the museum has also raised seven 10-meter-high billboards, like the displays set up during the first version of the highway gallery that was done last year.

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Now You Can Win An Opportunity To Spend A Night At The Louvre In Paris!

One lucky winner (plus one) will now receive an opportunity to spend a night at the Louvre Museum in Paris. Airbnb has partnered with the Louvre for a contest commemorating the 30th anniversary of The Pyramid that occupies the museum's courtyard. A winner and their guest will be able to see the famous museum like never before. They will sleep beneath the Pyramid, and also get an after-hours tour. 

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Artworks That Have Gone Missing In The Last Hundred Years

There is heavy conjecture about the whereabouts of Leonardo da Vinci's painting Salvator Mundi, with many even suggesting that it has gone missing. Interestingly though, this isn’t the first time that the artwork is believed to have disappeared. No one knew the location of the painting from the 18th century to 1900 when it was obtained by Sir Charles Robinson. Here are some other masterpieces that have gone missing in the last century.

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Bombay HC Dismisses Appeal By Nirav Modi's Camelot Enterprises

The Bombay High Court on Monday rebuffed the petition registered by Camelot Enterprises against the Income Tax department of India in association with the Nirav Modi art auction case. Camelot Enterprises, held by Nirav Modi, had requested the court to stay the auction of 68 paintings from Modi's collection.

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Wednesday, 03.04.2019
An Enormous Heap Of More Than 300,000 Flickr Images Displayed As Art!

At the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, an intimidating mountain of photos printed from just a day's worth of social media uploads is meant to make us realize the enormity of our internet usage. Dutch artist Erik Kessels printed out 350,000 of them and stacked them randomly into a huge, moving stock.
Up close you can make out the different pictures, but step back a little and every picture looks the same.
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Artist/Hacker Thomas Webb Talks About His Data Driven Art

The multi-disciplinary artist Tom Webb, who is also a creative hacker, has invariably drifted towards computer programming, but in an artistic fashion. For inspiration he looks to code, utilizing video-game-like applications that use real-time data, or algorithms to create art.
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Artwork Inspired By The Simpsons Acquired For $14.8 Million

Millennials clasped a $28 million worth of art inspired by the television show, 'The Simpsons', accompanied by skateboarding shoes and containers of spray paint at an auction at Sotheby’s in Hong Kong as a new generation of art collectors comes of age. This painting by Brooklyn street artist KAWS was auctioned to an unidentified buyer.
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The Art Resource Center Recycles To Create Art

Sherrie Zeitlin is a fiber and ceramic artist, who worked as a guest artist in schools across Phoenix, USA in the 1990s. While working she recognized the lack of materials and funding available for arts programs in schools and decided to take action.
 The Art Resource Center is a nonprofit that collects reusable stuff from individual and industrial waste and supplies them to schools and other nonprofit entities for the goal of making art.
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4,000-Year-Old Rock Art Discovered In China

Archaeologists have uncovered a number of rock paintings on a large boulder in Alxa Right Banner, Inner Mongolia.
Markings on one surface of the rock describe dancing figures holding hands. On the other side, three figures are illustrated in a row. According to the Chinese state news agency Xinhua, scientists think that the etchings are approximately 4,000 years old.
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Gun That Van Gogh Shot Himself With Is Up For Purchase

The revolver with which Vincent Van Gogh is thought to have shot himself is to go up for auction, a Paris auction house announced on Tuesday.
Found by a farmer in 1965 in the very field where the troubled Dutch artist is believed to have fatally injured himself 75 years ago, the gun has previously been displayed at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam.
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An Immersive Instagram Museum To Recreate Art By Famous Badass Women Artists

An artsy entrepreneur has partnered with some Instagram influencers to reveal 'Art Betchez: An Immersive Experience'. Over the seven distinct areas of the still-secret location in Brooklyn, Art Betchez will recreate the atmosphere of a few of the paintings created by the “badass women” of art history, including Georgia O’Keeffe, Hilma af Klint, and Tamara de Lempicka.
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'Art Not Oil' Asks Museums To Give Up Oil Paintings

The activist group Art Not Oil declared a daring new course, on Monday, in their battle to end the oil industry sponsoring of the arts. They are daring museums and institutions to take out oil from the most important places: by taking out all the oil paintings from their collections.
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Salvador Dalí’s Had A Curious Side Project- Illustrating The Bible!

Throughout the second half of his life, Dalí had a curious side-project, one that has attracted remarkably little attention from art historians. He spent some time in his life illustrating the Bible (between 1963 and 1964, to be exact).
Dali was also, the same artist who was in jail for 35 days, for having “anarchist tendencies”. And yet the illustrations aren’t some sort of a rebellious prank on their subjects.
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Artist Recreates Pokémon Fanart From Childhood

Reddit user Jenny-Jinya, is a freelance artist has recently recreated a Pokémon fan art from her childhood and shared it on the r/gaming subreddit on Reddit.
Both the changes and the similarities within the two drawings are too awesome to neglect.
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Tuesday, 02.04.2019
Jeff Koons Announces Plans For Retirement

In an astonishing statement issued last night by his publicist, celebrity pop artist Jeff Koons has stated the conclusion of his career in art and the termination of all plans and the staff at his Manhattan workshop by the end of this year.
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Revealing The Mysteries Of Ancient Rock Art Using 'X-Ray'

Prehistoric rock paintings are an origin of intrigue for scientists for years. Aside from their visual appeal, there's deep significance in these strokes, which portray ancient rites and significant symbols. Scientists now explain the use of 'X-ray vision' to obtain brand-new insights about the coats of paint in rock art in Texas without unnecessary damage.
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Hong Kong Art Exhibition Challenges Viewers To Put Down Their Phones

The Wonder Room’s cedar walls curve to create an egg shape, but their intoxicating fragrance is by far the artwork's most transportive detail. The display is part of “Art in Resonance,” Hong Kong's first exhibition from its newly devised global art program. The show, which began last week, leading up to Hong Kong’s Art Basel, dares its visitors to stay present; to encourage their senses as they observe the original-commissioned installation from Janet Echelman, Iván Navarro, Timothy Ian Myers, and MINAX.
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MoMA Acquires Art By A Three-Year-Old

The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has procured a contemporary artwork entitled “Circle Jewel” (2019) by Jude E. The work was obtained at auction for $257,000  using the support of the Contemporary Children’s Acquisition Fund and anonymous donors. At only three years old, Jude E’s art has been taking over the art market in recent months.
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Analyzing Van Gogh's Self-Portraits

Among influential artists, only Picasso and Rembrandt created more self-portraits than Van Gogh did. Now, Picasso lived to be almost 92 and Rembrandt 63, while Van Gogh’s life was barely 37 years long. And that short life was not fortunate or a particularly satisfying one; right up to his last days, Van Gogh wasn’t certain if he was getting anywhere as a painter.
And yet, he drew himself again and again throughout the most productive years of his life.
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Rare Picasso Sketch Auctioned In Paris

A rare etching by Pablo Picasso titled ‘Flute Player and Seated Nude’, maintained by the Museum of Modern Art in New York was auctioned in Paris for Rs 2 crore. The sketch was finished in October 1932.
It was inspired by Marie-Therese Walter, who was Picasso’s partner and both had a daughter together.
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Kruizenga Art Museum To Showcase Rembrandt Etchings

A new exhibit starting at the Hope College Kruizenga Art Museum on Tuesday, April 9, 2019, will display drawings by Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn.
This year signifies the 350th anniversary of Rembrandt's death.
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Raphael’s Masterpiece On View Again After Restoration

One of the most recognizable artworks of the High Renaissance remains on two huge pieces of cardboard, containing 210 sheets of paper. At 9 feet, 4 inches by 26 feet, 4 1/2 inches, the cartoon or preliminary drawing for Raphael’s “School of Athens” was publicly revealed on March 27, 2019, at the Ambrosiana  Gallery in Milan, Italy, following four years of restoration work.
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Keith Haring Foundation To Work With Lacoste

Lacoste is trying its hand on streetwear. The French brand, known for producing the tennis shirts, has decided to work with the Keith Haring Foundation, the supervisor of one of the most productive and esteemed street artists in 1980s New York, on a new collection.
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Bengali Kantha Embroidery To Be Celebrated In A Delhi Exhibition

Kantha, an ancient needlework style prevalent in the Indian subcontinent's eastern region including Bengal, had a humble origin as domestic, utilitarian craftsmanship. Often a present-day fashion choice, the craft has a rich chronicle which will be brought to Delhi by an approaching exhibit.
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Monday, 01.04.2019
Artworks By Bob Dylan To Be Exhibited

Bob Dylan’s art along with song lyrics written in his hand will be featured at a Tulsa, Oklahoma art museum starting in May.
The Gilcrease Museum will host  the exhibit titled “Bob Dylan: Face Value and Beyond” and will highlight 12 pastel portraits created by the rock legend.
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Unsolved Mysteries Of The Art World

Did Leonardo da Vinci paint Salvator Mundi? Did Adolph Hitler actually paint watercolors? Was Caravaggio the victim of lead poisoning?
Find out more about these unsolved mysteries from the art world.
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Artwork Commemorating 30 Years Of The Louvre Pyramid Damaged Within A Day

Only a day after it was presented to the public, the anamorphosis art installation, to commemorate 30 years of the legendary Louvre pyramid, has become “unstuck” and destroyed.
The artwork had been devised by JR and a team of volunteers utilizing a set of long “stickers”, which were placed on to the ground piece by piece to form the anamorphosis design, i.e., a style in which the design only makes sense from a singular perspective.
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A Shapeshifting Arts Space In New York

The Shed, scheduled to inaugurate on 5 April where the High Line and Hudson Yards development converge on Manhattan’s western margin, aims to be the world’s most resilient cultural institution.  The eight-story building has a moveable shell that can roll out on wheels into The Shed’s open-air plaza.
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First Show On Cézanne, Morandi, And Sanyu In Hong Kong

The Chinese artist Zeng Fanzhi has applied his hand to curating, executing an art historical coup by arranging an exhibit highlighting the artworks of Post-Impressionist Paul Cézanne, the 20th-century Italian painter Giorgio Morandi and Sanyu, the Sichuan-born master recognized as the “Chinese Matisse”. All of the artworks are picked from private collections in Asia.
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There's A Fake Dollar Bill Depicting Hillary Clinton Behind Bars, In An Art Show

Adding to his increasing collection of Donald Trump memorabilia, artist Andres Serrano has acquired a fake dollar bill displaying Hillary Clinton behind bars. The note was autographed by the US president at a rally in Florida.
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The Journey Of Botanical Art Through India's History

Botanical art is a genre suspended between the realms of art and science. Its purpose is two-fold: beauty and utility. According to art historian Sita Reddy, plants “rarely sit still”, they are constantly “on the move”, and one means to ascertain their progress through geography and history is by studying botanical art.
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What Happened To Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi?

The painting, Salvator Mundi, has apparently vanished, The New York Times reports.
The current whereabouts of the famous painting attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, which became the most expensive painting ever sold in 2017, is now seemingly nowhere to be seen after it wound up in the Louvre Abu Dhabi.
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Previously Missing Rubens Sketch Fetches 1.3 Million Euros

A forgotten sketch by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens was auctioned, on Sunday, for $1.46 million (1.3 million euros) following its rediscovery due to a bequest, French auctioneers stated. The sketch which portrays Saint Margaret clothed in a red and white dress carrying a cross in her hand and crushing a dragon dates to around1620.
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Journalist +  Artist Recounts Her Story Of Time Spent In A Turkish Prison

As a painter, journalist Zehra Dogan decided to use her art to convey what had happens in conflict zones of Turkey. During her incarceration, the journalist gained widespread recognition and international support for her attempt to report stories using art.
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