5 Types Of Summer Jewellery To Wear In Summers

2018-07-30 19:35:53
product By Vaibhavi Desai

Incidentally, in the summer, the days are big and warm. As a consequence, summer is the most pleasant time of the year. This is a perfect time for exploring new places and making the best of it. Summer season is for wearing the jewelry you love. There is a wide variety of summer jewellery options that you can wear. Summer is all about showing off.

It is a pleasant weather time when you can wear the clothes, you want. Your clothes will look different with the combination of perfect summer jewelry. It is that time of the year when you can fully maximize, your perfect look. It is always pleasant to be part of summer with our unique style and fashion.

If you are more into jewelry trends, you can find summer, the most welcoming time of the year. You can wear Jewelry at any time of the year but summer makes it more noticeable. The latest jewelry trends can help you decide on which jewelry article will suit you and your attire. If you are hardcore fan of jewelry and the contemporary trends it follow, this blog is for you. 

Here you will get the perfect idea about the trends and fashion of jewelry that you can use this summer. There are different type of jewelry that can be used. Handmade jewelry is one of the most popular type of jewelry.

5 Types Of Summer Jewellery

If you are looking for the perfect summer jewelry types that can be comfortable and suitable to your skin, we are here to help you with it. These five types of jewelry can be available anywhere in the world. You can also order it online. The main advantage of these types of jewelry is that they are cost-effective. They are available in different colors and shapes. You will look like a perfect summer diva with these jewelry options. 

There is one more thing worth mentioning: all these jewelry are prepared according to the latest jewelry trends. Let us know about it, one by one.

Fabric and material Jewelry

This is very popular type of jewelry. Furthermore, you can wear it all summer. It is as the name suggested made up of combination of fabric and material. This material can be of any type. You can buy the fabric-plastic, fabric-metal, fabric-oxide jewelry options from the market.

 There are very light weight and available in different sizes and shapes. If you are a color lover then this is the best option for you. You can wear it with different color combination. It will look great with your delicate satin dress. It is also available in sparkly style.

Summer Arm cuffs

This is known to be the special type of jewelry. It is also known to be the part of the latest trend of summer jewellery. We all say that old is gold. Everything traditional becomes contemporary in creative way. This is arm cuff, which actually wraps around the wrist. This also becoming popular in the market.

Handmade jewelers are making different types of cuffs which look beautiful and elegant. Otherwise, these are made up of metal and wood. These are also known are bangles. You can use more than one in one hand. It looks stylish and modern with any attire. You can easily find these items online. Find best summer jewelry here and get the best option online.

Filigree Jewelry

According to latest jewelry trends, Filigree jewelry is becoming popular day by day. As a matter of fact, it is basically a type of handicraft art, available in the form of rings, pendants and earrings. It is a type of traditional jewelry which is designed on thin gold or silver. Nowadays copper, brass and aluminum is also becoming part of Summer jewellery

A professional jeweler rolls this metal with hand and form a thin filament of it. They can make different shapes of these wires and form beautiful ornament. Meanwhile, you can Find best summer jewelry here.

Statement jewelry

Above all, it is a very well-known form of summer jewelry. The Jewelry you choose reflects your unique personality. It will make a statement about your personality and your cultural choices. Thus, statement jewelry is becoming widespread in short time. Another advantage of this jewelry is you can wear it with modern or contemporary attire and casual attire. 

It is modern and bold. It will surely glamorize your appearance this summer. These are latest fashioned and cost-effective trends. The beautiful thing about this jewelry is that it represents tribal part of the country. It is like carrying the tradition of our country in a modern way. You will love it more than anything.

Nautical jewelry

Summer is all about traveling around the beaches. Furthermore, the ocean is everyone’s favorite place to visit every summer. What if your jewelry tells you something about your love for ocean? Nautical jewelry design is specifically made up of ocean theme. These are available with different color jewels. 

You can see beautiful shapes of rope, boats, and sailing earrings. This jewelry option is inspired by the sea and the things around it. As a matter of fact, you can order this online. Find best summer jewelry here.


The 5 types of summer jewelry is guaranteed to pay respect to your personality. The aura and charm of the jewelry, will allow you to love yourself, as a lady.

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Creative Minds and Custom Jewelry

2018-02-28 13:09:11
product By Hardik Kothari

An Unexpected Art Work Career

"Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" John Lennon once said. The statement is a perfect summation of Emma Swailes' career in design. Having aspired to become a furniture designer, Swailes' career took an unexpected turn when she dropped out and instinctively became an ace jewelry designer instead.

An artist's true calling usually comes when they least expect it and the best reward for a true artist is the feeling of creating something that is unique and memorable.

And hence began a career in jewelry design where her speciality is making custom jewelry for people. She now has her own show at ShowFlipper.

She says, "As a youngster, I had a fascination with creating things; it was the only thing I truly understood. The academic teachings of school baffled me, however to design & create a physical piece made complete sense and as an adult this continues to be the case."

Jewelry can go way beyond just being ornaments being donned for fashion. A piece of Jewelry often represents a memory, an incident, or a lesson for the person who possesses it. Her art work always manages to be more than just ornaments that are worn occasionally. 

They become signature pieces. All her creations on SF Studio prove the distinct work that she does with each piece she works upon.

Emma Swailes' specialization lies in hand fabricating and handmade jewelry. The beauty of hand fabricated pieces is that despite being similar, no two pieces are identical. This makes each piece of jewelry beautifully unique and different from the other. 

For an artist who strives to create something that leaves an impact, Emma has come a long way. She designs custom jewelry pieces like earrings and neck pieces; her special ones being the tiny brollies, that she is famous for.

Custom jewelry are loved by everyone! If you too love it, you may love this blog too!

Her signature works such as the brolly often revolve around British culture and she has been praised for maintaining a certain British-ness with her art work. Her jewelry for sale, that she makes personally; often by sawing sheet metal or soldering, is the perfect way to commemorate an exceptional event in your life. 

You can buy jewelry online made by her on her show at ShowFlipper. She says, "If you can dream it, I can create it!"

"Life can be serious, and there is loads of serious jewelry out there, so I try and keep it light hearted. My general rule is, if it doesn't make me smile at the bench peg, it doesn't get made." says Swailes, who believes that each piece she designs is unique and different from the other. Buy jewelry online and browse through Emma's work.

Creating Memories and Not Just Jewelry

Designing pieces that have an emotional value attached to it is a touching experience altogether and for an artist, it is an honour to create something that marks an impact on someone's life. When there is a memory attached to a piece of metal, it cannot be called just an ornament.

"One of my favourite custom pieces was a miniature bookcase for the mother of a customer. It was made for her 70th birthday. The bookcase had small items in it that represented her hobbies and interests; Sudoku, books, and a ruby set in a glass shape setting to represent a glass of Campari, her favourite tipple." says Emma who takes pride in creating pieces that are specially designed for a customer.

The most memorable piece of design for Emma was the one she designed for a cancer patient who had battled cancer successfully. Swailes had designed a custom-made necklace for a customer who wanted to celebrate five years free from breast cancer. 

Each cuddy bead on the necklace represented each year that she successfully battled the disease. It was a priceless moment for Emma to watch the lady who was overjoyed and tearful at the outcome. What more could an artist want? Imagine the joy of being to deliver something that has the capacity to touch someone's life so deeply.

Want to sell your handcrafted jewelry online? Read how!

Buy Jewelry online on ShowFlipper

ShowFlipper is a destination for artists who want to avail the best services! With multifold consumer range and a huge legacy of artists from diverse backgrounds, the SF studio is decorated with the best of talent heads. These ShowTainers come spanning from different geographical locations and their exceptional art is available for all the fans over the world!

Check the best quality fine arts, abstract arts, contemporary arts, digital, and fabric arts! Subscribe today for free and avail the never before services! Browse thousands of art works and strike the best deal today!

Sign up for the best deals today! Visit https://www.showflipper.com today!

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How to Sell Your Fine Jewelry

2018-02-28 19:45:12
product By Shrutika Patwardhan

Jewelry designers can now sell their creations over a wide range of platform

Sell Your Handcrafted & Fine Jewelry Online

Have a huge variety

This may be a very cliched piece of advice, but at the end of the day, all that a customer wants, is to be spoiled for choices, to have so many options, that they end up choosing at least one of the items.

The idea is to have at least one product for each and every customer that you have, that is, irrespective of whether they want fashion jewelry, precious stones, beading pattern, semi-precious stones, whether they want jewelry brands , finger rings, jewelry for hair and so on and so forth.

If the customer knows that you have tons of products of varying differences, they will keep coming back and they will tell it to their friends and associates.

Spread out all over

In order to increase the visibility of your jewelry designs and unique pieces, you need to promote jewelry online. This means that your designs need to be advertised and showcased on multiple online sites, including networking sites.

One such sure shot way of advertising your unique jewelry pieces is to become a premium member of ShowFlipper which acts as a talent manager, and  an online jewelry shop. They create videos and promotional ad campaigns to promote their artists in different ways.

On a matter like how to promote jewelry online, investment involves using a considerable amount of capital in order to put up images of you're a jewelry designs.

Be available

Clients expect assurance & complete faith in product quality.

No matter how you describe the product, customers have questions!

You should provide every resource that will help them to connect you!

Queries must also be answered or replied to in a very short amount of time.

Be open to sell customized jewelry

Many amateur jewelry designers have this burning and very important question, "Is customizing jewelry a good idea?" This needs to be answered in the light of the multiple pros and cons of customizing your jewelry based on your clients' demands.

Yes, there are thousands of clients who buy customized jewelry over the internet every day. Customized jewelry has a charm of its own.

Yes, customizing jewelry, all experts will tell you, requires extra effort and more than the average capital investment. However, customized jewelry also costs more than your average jewelry. Learn how to take care of your precious jewelry!

Another aspect of customized fine jewelry is that it needs an expert pair of hands that has had a considerable amount of experience dealing with jewelry designing and molding.

How can you be different from every other jewelry designers online?

Be creative and expand your horizons.

Let your pieces bear your personal touch.

Let your art work shine through durability, pricing and availability!

Be ready for innovation because-

A good jewelry designer always knows that a real challenge lies in when a client asks them to customize or design an entirely new set piece of jewelry right from scratch!s


The Do's of Jewelry promotion online:

Offer competitive prices because people will always opt for the better priced products.

Click, click and click. People always judge a product by the pictures first. Therefore, it is important to put up good pictures.

Video descriptions are a very fun idea rather than long and boring descriptive passages.

Don't just stick to one website. Put up your product advertisements on many websites so that many people can see them.

Offer a huge variety. Don't just stick to four or five products..

Be bold with your designs. Don't be afraid to experiment with many styles, techniques or materials when designing your jewelry.

Look for inspiration all over- be it in nature, traditional artwork, Bohemian lifestyle or Mughal furniture. Seriously, the list of possibilities is endless.

All the Do Not's of Jewelry promotion online:

While there may be a serious list of all the things that you must do for successful jewelry promotion, there is also a serious list of things that you shouldn't do while promoting your jewelry pieces online.

Do not over-price your products. This is really a no brainer. If an individual gets the same quality with better prices, they will obviously migrate towards a different designer.

Do not be ambiguous. When you are describing your products, be very clear of what it is and what the client can expect.

Do leave any room for confusions when dealing with an advertising site. In most cases, make every monetary transaction and every details of the product display absolutely clear.

Do not leave room for your clients to complain. This means on time delivery, giving the client exactly what they want and no fixing up of prices after the order is placed.

Don't be vague about the delivery period. Be very, very specific about the day the client can expect the shipment to arrive. No one likes to be told a particular time, and have to wait for it too long.

Here is a classic blog that reveals detailed and important tips on the jewelry do’s and don’t’s!


Promoting Your Handcrefted and Fine Jewelry

Think Off The Box When Promoting

1.  Giveaways

Offer your customers to link their family and friends with you, the person who does the best receives a customized piece of fine jewelry or a beading pattern!

2.  Co – Branded / Co-Sponsored Events:

Research and then team up with another business organization, arrange and plan an event together.For example a PR company going to cultural events – list yourself as a sponsor and arrange some giveaways along with email blast.

3.  Social Media /Online Socializing:

Socializing on the social media can be crazy, with networking sites popping up every day.  The simplest thing to do is join the top four or may be that come close to your target segment.

4.  Create a Video:

A little trailer of your collection is really helpful.  The visuals about your jewelry business, is a great way to tell your love story with jewelry. If you have a PC, Windows Movie Maker will do the job.  This really works.

5.  E-letters sent Monthly:

This shows your customer engagement.Monthly e-letters is a great way to keep your customers abreast of what you are up to and what is going on with your jewelry business.

Hope the above tips for marketing your jewelry range and business are as helpful for you.  Always go ahead and do the utmost because it is your business which only you can make thrives.  Have a clear and careful thought about each and every step you take in your business, right from the start.

Do you have fine jewelry to sell? Or, are you finding it difficult to identify potential customers for the same? Here is a great opportunity for you to get a wide spectrum of prospect clients who can buy your handcrafted jewelry items! Audition with ShowFlipper to get the best deals on jewelry designs, handmade necklaces and much more! Subscribe today!

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5 Beautiful Women Earrings You Must Buy

2018-05-11 15:33:14
product By Payal Garg

Women can never get past their obsession with jewelry. With evolving times and emerging fashion trends, the way jewelry has been carried and worn might change, but the essence of grace, the spirit of womanly confidence, and the ring of joy will always be encompassed in the jewelry for women worn every day by millions of women all over the world. So, here are the types of beautiful women earrings you must buy.

Like all fashion trends, women jewelry has also witnessed a huge shift in the designs, build, style, and even the materials used to design them. And while the working woman today likes to go minimal with no jewelry on, one thing that she just can’t let go is her earrings. 
You can’t wear necklaces and bangles to the office each day but light, minimal jewelry like a simple, sleek ring in your finger, or that light, cute pendant dangling down your neck does not hurt. If  anything, these light, minimal pieces just add to your look.
 As do your earrings. They can be mixed and matched to suit various occasions, they can be worn with any kind of attire, be it Indian or western, and they just light up your whole personality.

Many varieties of beautiful earrings for women are available in the market today to choose from. The variations are not just exhibited in the designs and sizes but also in the materials used to produce these accessories. Gone are the days when gold was the standard for good jewelry and silver was looked down upon. 
Brazen, oxidized silver is the new thing in trend, as are ivory, brass, beads, gems, stones, and pearls. The new age jewelry designers are also coming up with handcrafted collections that keep updating annually with changing seasons and trends. You can buy handmade earrings online by visiting their official sites.

To buy earrings online can be a daunting task. With so many varieties of handmade earrings for sale, the decision of selecting the perfect one can get very overwhelming. But we are here to help. Here are the five types of earrings that no women should ever go without having them in her collection.

1. Studs

You can’t wear flashy, heavy jewelry to work each day. But just because you are a professional, does not mean you need to give up on your favorite piece of jewelry. Studs are here to save the day. These lobe-hugging beautiful earrings go with all kinds of formal outfits and give you a smart, bold look. A set of white pearl stud is a must have for a graceful, sleek, official look. 
You can buy these stud earrings in gold, silver, and other metals, too. Stone and gem-studded earrings are also available days and help you get a classy finish to your formal look for a meeting.
Do you wear Indian-formal to the office and are looking to match your studs with your everyday kurtas? You could go for cluster studs which come made up of a myriad of materials including stones, gems, pearls, and imitation metals. Or, if you are looking for something more fashionable, you could opt for the evergreen danglers which we talk about next.

2. Danglers

Danglers are very possibly the most versatile of all earring types. Choose a sleek, hanging low to your shoulders dangler and slay in a cocktail dress, or pair a cute, little one with your tunics. Choose a finely molded, bold traditional design and wear it with your simple kurta to get the most elegant of all looks.
Danglers go with anything and everything. If you are wearing a low-cut dress, danglers might just be the thing to complete your look.
They add a chic, energetic aspect to your personality and actually make you look younger. Available in the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, and material, a set of danglers is a must have in your earring collection. Keep your face-shape in mind though when choosing the perfect dangler for yourself. Long, sleek danglers go well with round faces, while short cute ones look good on oval-shaped and long faces.

3. Hoops

Hoops are the most evergreen earrings ever and probably the most primitive ones, too. Very in during the retro phase, hoops are back in fashion and in a new avatar. Although the charm of gold and silver hoops is never going to wear off, the new variations in design have been very welcomed by modern women. 
Slim gold and silver hoops with chandelier-works at the bottom, stone and gem-studded hoops, ivory and wood handcrafted hoops are very much into fashion these days.
Wear these hoop earrings both on traditional and western wear to get a stylish fusion look. So try some hoops out today.

4. Chandeliers

Chandelier earrings would undoubtedly feature amongst the favorites with Indian women. The traditional chandelier earrings work wonders to give you the ultimate traditional look.
 You could wear them with a sari or an Anarkali suit or a gown to be branded the Indian diva, or wear the lighter version of them with tunic tops to get a boho-chic fusion look.
There are multiple kinds of Chandelier earrings in the market, silver chandelier earrings being the most popular of all. If you are looking forward to attending a family gathering and plan to stun people with your gorgeous looks? 
Make a purchase of traditional, handcrafted chandelier earrings from a handmade earrings’ online shop like ShowFlipper.

5. Bajorans

If you are a fashionista, love to experiment and want to make a statement with your style, Bajorans might just be the one thing for you. Just got pierced? Gift yourself a classy, stylish Bajoran. These types of earrings come with smaller attached studs for your upper lobe piercings as well. They highlight your ears if you are going for a bold, unorthodox look.
The Bajorans come in a variety of styles. You can buy them in fashion stores both online and offline.
Now that you know your must-haves, it’s time for some real shopping. Get started now and buy handmade earrings online now from your favorite e-stores.

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