Learn 5 Simple Jewelry Art Tips From Designers

about 6 years ago
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Jewelry Designing is a newly emerging field of art. It holds strong grounds on coming out as a very lucrative career option for the new age youth. According to the latest trends, the millennial are more likely to opt for a career in art domains that really interest them rather than slog off hours at a job that does not engage their best selves. 

With fashion has emerged as an area of fancy for the style conscious, image aware millennial population, jewelry design arts are getting huge as a choice of a full-time career. That's why, we will discuss some Simple Jewelry Art Tips for beginners here.

If you are looking forward to taking up jewelry design as a hobby or even a full-time career and are not sure about how to begin, here is a dummy's guide to jewelry design. Here we go!

5 Simple Jewelry Art Tips For Beginners

Explore, Study, and Choose What Interests You the Most

When you first embark on the journey to make handcrafted artisan jewelry, you need to be absolutely sure of what you are going to start with. Having a clarity of mind always helps in deciding the way ahead, especially if you are just getting started. 

There can be many variants of artistic handmade jewelry depending on: the type of material you use, the finesse of design, the demographic you aim for, and so on.

You should first explore the kinds of designs that interest you. What are the things that you most like in a piece of jewelry? Is it the detailed design, the colors and the fusion of different materials, or the style in which it was imagined to be? Once you have figured that out, you need to decide the materials to use as you begin.

With the evolution of fusion jewelry, there are no limits so as to what material you can use. Gone are the days when folk jewelry was limited to petty silver and platinum. Artists today experiment with beads, woodwork, pearls, ivory, shells, metal, leather, clay, or even paper and threads.

Select the materials that intrigue your imagination and those that you think you would be most comfortable working with as a beginner. You can later switch over to different concepts. With it, gradually shift the material you use to more bold substitutes.

Once you have decided what you are going to work with, go to the nearest craft store and shop your heart away.

Get Your Tools Right

Here's an important jewelry design tip. You might sneak away a pair of Pliers from your household DIY box once in a while when starting off. But gradually, you will see that the routine tools are no more working for you as you begin to experiment with more fine designs. Any given task requires some basic sets of tools. You should always get the best quality tools if you don’t want to mess your design up or worse, injure yourself while working.

Invest in branded equipment which is custom-made for artistic handmade jewelry design. You can always find the best tools to suit your purpose on e-stores. Do not order all the tools at once. Know what things you are going to need before you make a purchase. 

Some of the basic tools that can’t be made done without are Pliers, Wire cutters, Metal stamps, and a Multi-utility knife. You can buy other tools as the need arises. And once you complete your first project, you will already have an assortment of enough tools for smooth usage in the future.

Learn Basic Techniques and Skills

So, you did get your tools right but things always get easier if you possess a basic knowledge of how to use them. Like bending a wire to form a loop should not be a big deal. And, you should know how to solder two of them together. 

The main point is that you should get some hands-on experience through primitive projects first before embarking on a major one requiring you to use complex tools. Even if you do not have a habit of getting your hands dirty in normal household repairs and tools frighten you, don’t get daunted; keep practicing. Things will flow to you with time and patience.

You should also consider taking a beginner’s class for jewelry design if it suits you. Study the subject with other students who are in the same pursuit as you. It will not only inspire you, but also help you approach your hobby more professionally. 

You will learn the industry-oriented design techniques and principles and be introduced to sophisticated, professional tools and equipment they use in this industry. The exposure will help you a lot in pushing your limits and trying new, complex projects.

Organize Your Work-space

Here's another one of the most important jewelry design tips. A dirty, unorganized work-space can be a source of frustration and undue distress while you are working on your project. How bad shall it be if an idea just struck your mind while you were working with a wire loop and you decided that some beads will work just fine with it stuck in the middle of the subtle design, except that you can’t find where the beads are! Irritating, right? 

That is why you should try keeping your work-space neat and arranged. While some chaos is necessary to let your creative juices flow, an organized design table always lets you think more clearly and allows you visualize and execute your ideas faster and more efficiently.

Keep Exploring and Experimenting

Never cease to explore new ideas. The internet is full of sites like ShowFlipper that sell handcrafted jewelry online. You can also explore the e-stores to buy handcrafted artisan jewelry online and see for yourself what the top designers are up to. 

Learn from your competition and evolve better. Never hesitate to experiment with new designs and materials and keep exploring different dimensions of the art.


The scope of the walk of jewelry design is immense and you are only restricted by your imagination in what you are capable of producing next. So never stop dreaming and go on realizing your imaginations.

You can checkout some awesome Handmade Jewelry Online here. And, if you want to sell your jewelry online, go here.

Happy Designing!

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