Taking Care Of Jewelry Designs and Beading Patterns

about 6 years ago
product By Vaibhavi Desai

Jewelry has always been a style statement for the rich and the famous as well as everybody else. While the rich can afford a new jewelry item every now and then, it is not so possible for the average Joe. Hence, in this blog, we will tell you all the necessary steps to take care of your jewelry.

All types of jewelry need a little bit of TLC every now and then. While you can take your jewelry to get it cleaned from jewelers themselves, here are a few household tips that will help you with taking care of jewelry which includes handmade and bead jewelry.

  • Keep your jewelry away from water, soap, lotion, perfume, cleaners, and other harsh chemicals.
  • Jewelry should be the last to be worn and first to be removed from the body.
  • It is equally important to store your jewelry properly.

Here Are Some Tips For Taking Care Of Jewelry Designs

Do not do dishes and laundry with your jewelry on

The chemicals in the soap can destroy the sheen and the finish of your jewelry.

Keep away from pool and spa

Chlorinated water reacts with metals which de-colorizes jewelry.

Do not use jewelry cleaners on stone jewelry

Jewelry cleaners for metal are harsh for stones in jewelry.

Lotion and Perfume are murder

These can react with metal and stones in a damaging way and could permanently tarnish your jewelry.

Last On, First Off

Jewelry should be the last to be worn after clothing and perfumes and lotions and makeups. This helps to avoid breaking of jewelry items as well as avoids tearing of clothes. This is one of the important things you should remember while taking care of jewelry.

Activities are harmful

Daily activities such as cooking or cleaning can inflict physical and chemical harm to your jewelry.

The secure keeping of Jewelry

Keeping jewelry secure and safe is important. Keep them together at such a place where there is no activity for a longer duration. Eg. Safe lockers.

Use anti-tarnish paper

Storing jewelry piece by piece is advisable. For this, you can use muslin or glass cleaning cloth or use an anti-tarnish paper to cover your jewelry items.

Air is an enemy!

Air does not agree with all kind of jewelry. Especially gold, silver and platinum jewelry are at risk from the air. Silver oxidizes; platinum becomes pale, while gold looks blackish. Hence store this kind of jewelry in Ziploc bags or such bags from where they do not come in contact with air for the longer duration of time. If possible, keep them in velvet pouches. If you are keen at taking care of jewelry, keep this point in mind always.

Choking hazard

Jewelry, especially the beaded ones have a natural choking hazard for pets and children. Hence, they need to be kept away and out of reach of them.

No Jewelry near moving machines

All types of metal, beaded jewelry should be away from moving machinery. The may pose a life hazard.

Silver Bead Jewelry

These beads can be cleaned with a silver cloth or can use a nonabrasive damp cloth and toothpaste to clean them.

Gold Findings

Gold findings can be cleaned with many nonabrasive solutions. Oil buildup on them can be rubbed off with plain rubbing alcohol.

Pearl Beads Jewelry

Pearls are fragile. A mix of mild soap and water can clean them effectively. For more tough stains, professional help is a must.

Caring for porous substances

Beads made from porous substances like wood or shell requires extra care. Avoid corrosive solutions and chemical usage on them. They can be cleaned using soft bristle brushes to dust off.

These small steps will help you to keep your all types of jewelry in top notch condition. Any difficult situation will require expert help. But most of the time, home remedies and a little caution will keep your jewelry shining for years to come.

Do you know any other cool home or DIY methods to clean your jewelry? Why not write them in the comments?

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