Know Some Interesting Facts About Padmavati Jewelry

about 5 years ago
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Padmavati is one of the hit Bollywood movies which created buzz on all social media. Not only the movie, but there are also many things which audiences remember about the movie. One such thing is the famous Padmavati jewelry. Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmavati garnered all the attention with her different eyebrows, costumes, and the decent jewelry.

Padmavati jewelry has fascinated every woman. The collection jewelry is solely created by Tanishq Jewelers. Uniquely, it took about 600 days and 200 skilled workers to finish the work. They have utilized 400 kgs of gold to bring about the magnificence of Rajputana period, back to life. So, now you can also experience this amazing jewelry collection. 

Yes, this jewelry is now available on any online jewelry store at a quite reasonable price.

Recreating History with Massive Research

Representing the rich essence of a past era inhabited by gallant was a challenge. Also, the brave Rajput Maharajas and graceful Maharanis was nothing but a difficult task for jewelers. Rani Padmavati’s story dates earlier to the 13th and 14th centuries. So the Padmavati jewellery Designs making was really tough for the jewelers. It was very hard to find sizable material for reference.

 Not to mention that the designers traveled across India in search and ideas for creating the jewelry line of Padmavati. In their mission, they visited palaces and museums in Rajasthan. They did search the seat of Rajputana Empire along with other reigns. They also interacted with a number of renowned historians. 

From this, they envisioned the type of jewelry Queen Padmavati used to wear. After much research, the Padmavati jewelry is a convergence of effort, research, and an enduring art.    

The Facts about Padmavati Jewelry

Retaining the tradition of beautification followed by Hindu married women, jewelers made ornaments. This Padmavati jewellery designs are created suitable to Queen Padmavati’s prestige of a royal associate of Mewar. Creativity has been obtained from the architecture of Rajput palaces and Singhalese native of Padmavati. 

Despite the main flower motifs, the designs symbolize grace. These designs include elephants, peacocks, and horses. There are many outstanding types of jewelries out there. Today, there is an option to sell jewelry online, so you can get all these types here.

The Splendid Necklace Sets

Necklaces, part of the Padmavati jewelry are show up pieces projecting originality. They also show sparkle and strength of the Queen’s personality. Few of the necklaces are created utilizing only gold. Furthermore, others dazzle witnesses with kundan, polka, and Meenakari work. 

Gold ornamentation discriminates maximum of the designs created purely of gold. Other eye-widening difference of some necklaces in this collection is the tiny paintings of Rani in varied poses. Not to mention, one of the necklaces from this collection has the blue seas surrounding Sinhala place. This is the Queen Padmavati’s maiden home. 

So you can experience the beautiful range of necklaces by purchasing it online.

The Uniquely designed Rajputana Choker

It is a traditional piece of the collection presented to the bride by the groom’s family in Rajput culture. Each of the jewelry of Rajput woman is related to her duties as the wife. The choker is representational to her responsibility of modesty. It reminds her to lean her head to display respect towards others. The jewelers made it as a tribute to the fascinating beauty of Padmavati.

The Royal Rani Haars

It is an extended necklace created of strands of pearls or shot balls made of gold. The Rani Haar is besides an essential part of the Padmavati jewelry. Uniquely, Every Rani Haar has a wonderfully effulgent pendent at the end of the chain. Certain circular pendants have eye capturing huge uncut diamonds.  It was predominant in North India during Rajput reigns. Some of the fine Rani Haars has a completely blossomed lotus pendant created of rubies and pearls.

The Outstanding Bajubandh-cum-Chokers

One of the most entirely crafted designs from Padmavati collection is the Bajubandhs. This can take the form of amazing chokers. The chief design factor of these splendid Bajubandhs is the Meenakari and Rajasthani glaze work. In addition, chandeliers in Rani Padmavati’s palace have encouraged the superior designs of these Bajubadhs-cum-chokers.

The Marvelous Naths

In the Rajput culture, the Nath worn by married ladies grasps a place of primary significance. This is due to the equal of her husband’s role and standing in the society. Moreover, the Nath reminds a woman to deed according to her husband’s designation. It also protects her husband’s pride and honor.

If you want to but this beautiful collection, you can take heart from the fact that it is available online. You can actually feel that royal Rajput era by wearing this jewelry. So these are some interesting facts about Padmavati jewelry which you remembered all the time.

In this way, this collection of jewelry is truly a prestige of Rajput era. It represents the Rani Padmavati\'s dedication of her and beautiful personality.

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