How To Draw Color Pencil Techniques For Beginners

about 6 years ago
product By Vaibhavi Desai

Is color pencil art, real art? In this blog, we shall look at the different color pencil techniques and drawing tips for beginners.

Many online color art galleries are selling pencil color drawings online for people to buy.

It is worthwhile to know that many online painting contests now allow color pencil paintings to be part of their exhibition and promote them so that art buyers can buy drawings online from them.

Color pencils are a versatile material used for art. The salient features of colored pencils are:

  1. Very popular with creators
  2. Inexpensive
  3. Easy to carry
  4. Non Toxic
  5. Easily available
  6. Combines well with other mediums of art
  7. Precise tools of creation

There are many different methods and techniques of using color pencils in creating artwork. But we shall only see the basic color pencil shading techniques for beginners.

These basic techniques will help you learn how to use colored pencils like a pro.

Layering Colors

Layering colors is the technique where many colors are blended in layers to bring about a natural color effect. To master this technique a lot of practice is required.

Pencil Pressure Shades

Lightly using color pencil over paper will give lighter imprint while a heavy hand will give a more bold effect and color. As light pencil colors are easy to erase, so, many creators tend to use a lighter hand to create better foundation for later colors and hues.

A pressure scale comes handy when you are trying to understand the effect of pressure on the color outcomes.


Marking is a technique similar to smudging. There are four ways marking textures are achieved with color pencils.

Smooth Fill Marking

Put a light pressure while keeping the color pencil at an angle and then make parallel line or loops.

Smooth Scrumble Marking

Want to show an obvious element like a blob or line without a dark shade? Just lightly move the pencil with a light pressure in a circular motion which creates random pattern like a free hand.

Rough Scrumble Marking

Just like smooth scrumbling, rough scrumbling has more pronounced pressure and motion.

Eyelash Stroke Marking: Just as eye lashes go from thick to thin, this texture follows the same pattern with decreasing pressure.

Incising of Paper

In this technique, the pressure on the pencil is very light and hence the creator can achieve shading effect that is hard to achieve with erasers or masking fluids.

The method is simple. The creator can use a butter paper to indent the outline of the element on the paper. Remove the butter paper and start shading on the indented area.


Highlights in a color pencil drawing largely depend on the paper and tools used.

White Paper Highlights

White paper highlighting should be from light to dark or dark to light shades.

Toned Paper Highlights

The creator can use lighter shades and heavy shades of pencil to achieve a gradual effect.

Highlighting Tools

For smaller or finer highlights, the creator can use brush, gouache or paint.


Blending is a technique in which pencil colors can be used with water or other paints for smooth finish.


As the technique says, artists can use any rough element to achieve the effect.

Drawing with color pencils is therapeutic. Many art lovers and art buyers have a natural talent for them. It is the most versatile medium of art.

Color pencil art is a fine art. If you are looking to decorate your home, office or other establishments with art; you can surely and safely opt for color pencil art from online art galleries.

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