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about 6 years ago
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Choose exciting color range to rejuvenate your home!

Did you just buy a house? Are you a newly-wed couple looking to set up your unique themed home? Or are you simply looking to renovate your home? If you belong to any of these groups or are simply curious about paintings, read on to know the appropriate way to collecting paintings!

Instead of spending millions on hiring an interior decorator, we can show you how to make your house look different, totally amazing and most importantly add a personal touch. We will tell you how to get the right look with a simple technique - choose the best wall painting for your home!

Everyone focuses on choosing the right colors for the walls of their home, or the right furniture. However, on the whole no one thinks about decorating the house with the best paintings for the walls

Let me warn you - simply hanging paintings on walls seems like easy work, but it is no piece of cake. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before embellishing your home with unique paintings.

Who does not love fresh colors strewn across a canvas? Paintings and art have the ability to warm our hearts. Not only are they attractive and striking accessories, but they also help in healing a wounded soul. This effect is called Art Therapy out any reason.


Paintings are in fact, a form of pictorial representations. They speak volumes about the person who paints it and also the person who appreciates and purchases it. This means that the type of paintings that will adorn your walls will definitely hint at the person that you are.

 So, it is very necessary to choose art for your home very cleverly. As you venture out to buy artworks, you must always remember that while a bad artwork can destroy the entire look of the house, an original painting by a renowned artist will enhance the overall look of the house. Yes, choosing a painting for your house is indeed a crucial decision.

Understanding The Theme Of Your House

Before investing your money on any work of art understand the layout of your own house. The theme is not only about the paint on your walls, but also your furniture and the lighting in your house and the drawing hall colours and bedroom colors combination.

 No doubt a painting should be appealing to your eyes, but more importantly, it should complement your space or it will simply look out of place.

This article will give you a better understanding about decorating your home and garden!

A painting can either blend in with the layout of your home paint colors or contradict it with your wall. For example, if the theme of your house is \'French Country\' which gives a very elegant and antique look, you can opt for an equally elegant looking painting with an antique frame so that it will blend with the look.

Considering the aesthetics...

The paintings that you hang in your home should make people walk into your home, take a glance at the walls, and experience a pleasant, satisfactory, yet envious feeling.

There are some homeowners who plan to save on money by not buying original paintings, but replicas. Too many cheap painting replicas and artwork will make your home look like anything but a poster shop. Some even go to the extent of attempting to paint an abstract art themselves.

 It is wonderful if you have some experience in paintings and are simply encouraging the artist in you; but, if you are a first-timer this experiment may just mean some confused, amateurish art hanging in your home. Giving an accurate exterior paint too is crucial and important.

Understanding Paint Colors Art:

Understanding the evolution of art will make it easier to match paintings with the theme of your home. Whether you want to buy abstract art or a minimalistic painting (it could be surrealism, futurism or even photorealism) you should first understand 'what is art?' For a better insight to understanding art, you must know how to buy art.

Secondly, it is not important to stick to the usual styles of paintings. Today we see several styles of art which were unheard of on online stores like ShowFlipper.; for instance digital art paintings and Ferro printing. Try incorporating such new introductions to give a unique appeal.

What do the experts say?

Let\'s have a look as to what experts say and get some tips. According to Julia Toffolo, one of the curators of the world\'s most prestigious art collections, there are five important things that every homeowner should follow while hanging paintings in their homes:

You should not hang paintings or any work of art too high on the walls. This is a common mistake that most homeowners make. If there is no furniture below, a painting should typically be at a height of 155 and 160cm.

When you are hanging a piece of art, you must consider the proportion and balance. If there is too much space between the mantelpiece and the painting, try placing some elements in between for example a clock or a sculpture.

If you are planning to create a pattern with paintings, make sure you are giving a trial on the floor first before putting those up finally on the wall.

Make sure that there are two points from where paintings are hung. Especially when you are hanging a large painting, have two points from where it is hung. Doing this will be safe and secure and also prevent paintings from losing alignment over time.

When it comes to hanging pictures aesthetically, you need to make sure that the levels are all straight and parallel - the way you want those to be. Trust your eyes while hanging paintings, because ceilings and walls may not always provide the best perspective of a straight line.

According to David Kassel of ILevel, a professional art placement and installation service, people should be using the special painting hanging hooks rather than heavy industrial nails or screws. Moreover, installation of two D-rings is considered more appropriate rather than a wire to hang the paintings. If you do this, there will be no "pendulum effect".

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