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About us

About Us

Trusted by Artist from 53 countries and Every Trust has a story!

We help you monetize your creative works we are showflipper, an exclusive California based online platform with a mission to promote and sell the works of emerging artist, authors, and jewelry designers.

Meet our Show-trainers.

We are helping them monetizing their works through our platform.

Buy Fine Art Online

ShowFlipper is an art gallery where you can buy original artwork online from various options like fine art paintings, books, jewelry and designs.

Shop For Interesting Gifts

Shop for Interesting Gifts and gift them to loved ones. Flip through thousands of products from among the art for sale to find exactly what you are looking for.

Connect With Artists

Connect with your favourite artists and interact with them regularly. Before you make your investment, you can interact with other art collectors around the world.

Original Art For Sale

Reach out to potential buyers worldwide on ShowFlipper by leveraging the power of YouTube’s 1 billion global users, in addition to the 300+ social sites for maximum brand visibility.

Connect With Your Fans

Connect with your fans and other artists through our online community which enables you to share, discuss, and promote your work.

Collect What You Love

Collect art by browsing from amongst the art for sale - be it books, fabric art, jewelry designs , fine art and many more.


Showflipper: A Fun Place to Work

We are not only a unique platform with art for sale, we are also a great place to be. Every day we exchange several emails, do phone calls or chat on Skype with several artists, writers, and designers and help them to solve their real-world problems to the fullest of our capacity.

We help you monetize your art. And we charge only commissions. Our approach is consultative.

You can reach us on


We leave no stone unturned when it comes to helping you monetize your work. We simply collaborate with you and we are not a platform.


Our current collection stands at over 5000 amazing products ranging from USD$1 to nearly USD$1.5 million. Our curators are constantly in the process of looking out for more collections.


We have collaborated with organizations, NGOs, exhibition companies, influencers, and collectors. This helps us in gaining more exposure and knowledge about your industry. We liken ourselves to your personal concierge.