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We are ShowFlipper, an exclusive California-based online platform with a mission to promote
and sell the works of emerging artists, authors, and jewellery designers.



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ShowFlipper is an art gallery where you can buy original artwork online from various options like fine art paintings ,books, jewellery and designs.


Shop For Interesting Gifts

Shop for Interesting Gifts and gift them to loved ones. Flip through thousands of creations from among the art for sale to find exactly what you are looking for.


Connect With Artists

Connect with your favourite artists and interact with them regularly. Before you make your investment, you can interact with other art collectors around the world.


Original Art For Sale

Reach out to potential buyers worldwide on ShowFlipper by leveraging the power of YouTube’s 1 billion global users, in addition to the 300+ social sites for maximum brand visibility.


Connect With Your Fans

Connect with your fans and other artists through our online community which enables you to share, discuss, and promote your work.


Collect What You Love

Collect art by browsing from amongst the art for sale - be it books, fabric art, jewelry designs, fine art and many more.


ShowFlipper: A Fun Place to Work-

We are not only a unique platform with art for sale , we are also a great place to be. We are always on the lookout for great talent.

So regardless of whether you are an artist looking for management services or to put original art for sale, a journalist who wants to know more about our artists or even if you are looking for a career; you can get in touch with us.

You can contact us by writing to us at wecare@showflipper.com or jerry@showflipper.com

We have a transparent approach, so we are open to suitable queries.


ShowFlipper: Online Art Gallery

We are artists, writers, musicians and software developers. Call us an odd bunch if you may but we have a passion, and that is to make ShowFlipper the best Online Art Gallery . Do not be mistaken to consider art just a painting. We are a platform for the artist, writers, musicians, designers, jewelers, knitters and basically any artists who wish to showcase their talent. This Online Art Gallery is to promote and sell creations online. Our online art platform will help artists, writer’s musicians, jewelers to earn money and give them an international exposure.

We are quite essential story tellers and the best place to buy art. We showcase not only the artists but the stories behind them to a large canvas of the online community. Our job is to create this Online Art Gallery to showcase the artistic talent of our people through our expertise in utilizing the latest in technology to bring art closer than ever before. Lovers of art who are addicted to art collection can purchase their art securely online and artists can showcase their art without having to sell their art and get buyers to commission special pieces from handmade jewelry to one-off unique sculptures based on portfolio of works of the artists.

Best Place To Buy Art

We have created a online art gallery for artists, writers, and musicians. This art collection platform is to help them earn passive income and exposure. We call them show-tainers which connect to the right audiences to promote their work and earn income based on their show popularity and by selling their artworks, books, music pieces and designs from a range of books, online digital art, handmade sculptures, handmade jewelry, fabric art, fine arts abstract paintings and much more.

For collectors, critics and influencers we are best place to buy art where they can also watch amazing shows and keep up with their interests. We call collectors, people interested in anything creative as an audience. You too can earn money by voicing your opinions and by asking intelligent questions to the show-trainers who will be more than happy to share their insight into their work and what has influenced them to create a certain picture or a type of music, jewelry piece, fabric art or a fine oil painting. ShowFlipper is the best place to buy art where you can browse millions original artworks like paintings, photography, sculpture and fine art prints by great confirmed and emerging artists.


For Show-tainers, ensuring we leave no stone unturned to make your professional journey more enjoyable and more exciting. Help you sell creations online and add more ways for you to earn money on our online artist platform.

For audiences, presenting the best shows from all around the world and valuing your opinions. You generate content and we pay you for it.

Art Collection

Our current collection stands at over 5000 amazing creations ranging from USD$1 to nearly USD$1.5 million.Our curators are constantly in the process of looking out for more collections and new and existing artists.


We have collaborated with organizations, NGOs, exhibition companies, influencers, and collectors. This helps us in gaining more exposure and knowledge about your industry. We liken ourselves to your personal concierge service at times and help you find answers to your queries. One of the most successful collaboration ShowFlipper has onboard is with The Mouth and Foot Painting Association based in Atlanta, Georgia.

We are on a continuous journey of discovery to collaborate with more organizations as art comes in many forms and we wish to showcase this through our online art platform.