5 Mesmerising Dresses You Must Try On This Season ( 2019 )

about 2 years ago
product By Vaibhavi Desai

Dresses are an essential part of any girl’s wardrobe. Be it a cocktail party, a fun day out with friends, a wedding or a family gathering, or an office meeting, dresses are forever. And that is why you can’t ever have enough of them. The designers this season have come up with yet another awesome collection of shimmery, chic dresses and these are the ones you can’t make do without. But we all know how confusing and chaotic shopping for dresses could be. So for all of the pretty ladies out there, we thought we would do some of their work and pick the must-have dresses out for them. And so there! Presenting to you a list of five dresses you must try on this season. Read on and pick your favorite for the season!

 Let's Discuss Some Wonderful Dresses You Must Try On This Season

1. The LBD

Nothing beats the sensual charm of the Little Black Dress. If black is your go-to color and there is nothing else that you will rather wear, the LBD is going to be your savior this summer. Wear it to a cocktail party with a long blingy chain or choose a flowy LBD for a boho chic look for a fun gathering with your friends.

You can buy an A-line LBD (mind the length a bit here and go for a just above the knees cut) and wear it to an official meeting. There are many variations of the LBD available in the market today and if there is one of the many dresses every woman should own, it would definitely be the Little Black Dress. And you know what, there can never be many of these babies in your wardrobe. And certainly not when there is a brand new collection of LBDs available all across the leading online stores.

2. Flared Gowns

There is a certain thing about gowns that never lets them go old-fashioned. Especially during the wedding season. The brand new collection of breezy flared gowns in the market launched by the designers this season is a beauty to behold. Out in several beautiful colors like white, off-white, pinks, peach, cream, and the evergreen black, these gowns are well-suited to be worn on any formal celebration as well as at your best friend’s wedding.

3. Chiffon Summer Dresses

Summer and chiffon go hand in hand. It seems as if the lightweight, breezy fabric was just made for the season and there’s no denying the comfort that a flowy, airy chiffon dress provides to the worked up party girl. If you are planning a day out with your friends, it’s time you order a knee-length, off-shoulder chiffon dress. Pair it with a chiffon scarf to complete your look and save your hair and skin from the sun and dust. If a family function is your most urgent engagement, there are plenty of designer chiffon summer dresses patterned and adorned with pearls, sequin, and shimmers that combine the unbeatable cool of chiffon with party bling.

You can even buy the multiple fabrics from sites that sell fabric online and get your own tailor-made chiffon summer dress. Or you can browse through the collection across the leading e-stores and buy a dress online for a boho-chic look.

4. Short Shimmery Cocktail Dresses

Summer is the season to go out and when you do, you will completely want to ditch your boring plain dresses and want to put on something as sparkly as your personality. These shimmery, glimmery cocktail dresses will just save the day for you. Pick up a short dress with loads of beads or sequin patterns for a loaded fun party. Go with an off shoulder, body-con dress if you are looking to go bold. Pair it with nice danglers or a long chain to add an edge to your look.

5. Shirt and Suit Dresses

If an official meeting is on your mind (we mean really, really official), this is one must have for your wardrobe. There are plenty of smart Shirt-and-Suit dresses available in pastel and dark shades in the market online. You can go for a tweed collar or a turtleneck for a smart, official look or a deep but fit neckline for the bold professional avatar.

You can settle for shades of black, blue, grey, and maroon for these formal settings. Besides that, you can also go for white, cream, or purple (yes) if you want to experiment with your looks. The shirt dresses can even be worn every day to work. And work does not mean that you can’t wear these dresses outside of the office. You can accessorize them a bit (like with a stylish belt or cool shades) to wear them to a day out even. Smart and fun!

Final Verdict

If you look online, there are multiple dresses available for every occasion under the sun. One thing that you need to take care of while shopping for them is your comfort. Don’t buy something just because it looks good but because you will feel good in it. That is all that matters. Experiment with your dresses, mix and match them with different jewelry pieces to derive different looks for different settings. A formal work dress can serve your purpose for a family function if worn right and with aplomb. You can even experiment with your old dresses to create new looks. As they say, a dress never gets old. So if you have one in your eye, visit your favorite e-store and shop away before it gets sold out.

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