How to make Tassel for Clothes

about 4 years ago
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Find out how to make tassel, by going through this article. Tassels can be seen everywhere! They are the new trend taking over every industry. They are widely seen in home décor, hair accessories, jewelry, purses and of course clothes. Tassels are not only super quick, but are also easy to make and can be put to different uses. They can be made from different materials which are easily available, to name a few strings, yarn, wool and embroidery thread.

Tassels can be made for bookmarks, back pack charms, key-rings, clothes, jewelry and other uses. It is the most convenient and inexpensive craft which is popular among a wide range of people. It is an excellent way to pass time, as it can be easily made with affordable materials. People who would want to learn more about making tassel must be thinking of how to make tassel?

Explore your creativity

If you want to explore the innovative and creative side of yourself and are ready to think out of the box, you can definitely find new ways to answer the question how to make tassel in its truest sense. You can always watch online tassel making tutorials which are easily available on a number of websites, including Youtube. As a beginner, you can also subscribe to the channels that provide you with frequent online tassel making tutorials, which give you a varied range of knowledge.

If ever you want to experiment with your craft, you will obviously seek for different creative and innovative ways to do so. Any Online fabric store can provide you with the best quality material at lowest rates which will justify the quality of your tassels. Online stores will not only save your time to hunt for the best material but will also provide you with a wide range of quality materials which will satisfy your needs to make tassels. They are the time savers with best quality assurance. You can also earn profit if you sell tassel fabric. It is always a smart way to earn money which can be used in many ways according to your choices and needs.

Tassles for life

Tassels can also be made out of paper and leather which is perfectly suitable for making garlands, necklaces for parties and occasions. Tassels made out of leather provide a great addition to boots and purses. Did you know? Tassels can be also be made out of embroidery and yarns, which have gained a lot of popularity, nowadays. They are used to decorate blankets, dresses, scarves, knit hats and so on. You must be wondering how to make tassels with embroidery thread?Well, in order to answer the question how to make tassel,let us include the question of how to make tassels with embroidery thread.This way, both the dimensions can be answered, which will help you to master this art.

How to make tassel- The actual process

Tassel making is one of the cheapest yet effective ways to express one’s artistic bent of mind, with affordable material. The best part about this is that with few materials, you can make adorable things. You have to choose what you want to use mixed fabrics, tulle, embroidery threads, yarn, string, wool etc. There are plethora of options to choose from.  You will also need a pair of scissors and a glue gun (depending upon what you will be using tassel for which can be for earrings or clothes)

  1. Choose the material you want to make the tassel from. Now, select the piece from the string which needs to be removed (this can be of the same material or different).
  2. Try to keep the string a little longer which can be trimmed later, if required.
  3. Keep your hand flat. Fingers should be together but thumb should be pointing upwards. Wrap the string around the index finger, so that you can start wrapping.
  4. Now start wrapping. There are no particular guidelines. It depends upon you to what extent you would like to wrap around.
  5. Now, pick another string in order to form the top of the tassel ‘head’ by wrapping it around. Make sure it is tightly secured and cut the remaining.
  6. Finally, use your scissors and trim its bottom to get open ends.

Make a Range of Accessories

Follow these steps and you are good to go with the homemade tassel which can enhance whatever dress your wear by attaching a string to it. You can make a necklace over your top (by attaching it to your t-shirt or a top), a waistband tie, you can also attach it from the side ends of your blouse at the back, attach them to your ethnic clothing, you can use spiral rings and attach them on your socks that will give it a different look and so on. Tassel has multiple uses that enhance your looks.

So now that you are well updated with every niche of tassel making, what are you waiting for? Dress up and put a tassel on it!

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