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about 5 years ago
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Why Are People Crazy About Style Statement

Everybody has a different fashion statement.  What are you?  A business Bombshell or an utilitarian or one who loves the retro look?  There are several web links which can actually help you discover your style statement if you haven’t discovered it yet.

You can check the Fabric Art designs, jewelry designs and styles on ShowFlipper! Just go to it and explore and figure out how easy it should be to define or re-define your style.

Style statement on the web!

The internet has indeed brought the fashion to our finger tips as suggested by Meagan Tintari . While for many getting into their style is effortless, there are many others who have a wild imagination about how they want to look but cannot get to express them.

If you are serious about getting your style statement right, but is clueless, then the best way to start is to read the famous fashion bloggers or you can even follow your favorite movie star.

Hit the net and you will see plenty of online fabric store, online jewelry shop , fabric shops displaying their latest and trendy products.  You have to choose, whether you want fine jewelry designs made of stone, or exceptional beading patterns with your dress or you want some handmade necklace or some handcrafted jewelry.

Coco Chanel who is one of the greatest pioneers in fashion history. Her style stands out because of the sheer confidence that is exuded from the brand that she has created.

How Can You Define Your Personal Brand With Clothing?

What clothes we wear every day, how we assemble it, match or create a contrast with, add or subtract from it defines how we feel, what mood or attitude we have the entire day.

A person who belongs to corporate background tends to choose clothes that are minimalist in design and colors. You always find them in simple and chic clothes.

Clothes and accessories define our day to day mood, attitude and adds to our personality, style statement and uniqueness. Each outfit becomes an important part of dressing up or dressing down.

The fashion industry tells us that it is important to wear unique clothes to keep up with the latest trends. It is still possible to create a unique look each time one wears a similar piece of clothing by pairing it up with accessories.

How Do Fabric Designers Get Inspired?

Inspiration is often termed to be very fickle. Most designers get inspiration from design galleries, museums, history - both public and personal to get ideas. However, isn\'t that plagiarism?

In the case of fabric art, trends change on the seasonal basis and often reflects what the overall public sentiment or the fashion industry (its economy, its stature in the world market, its popularity and the willingness of the consumer to pay) or a popular culture of a given period of time.

When there is an international financial crisis, designs in fabric and fashion trends to reduce their flamboyance to create a semblance with realism. But on the other hand, in the time of economic boom, designers tend to become more avant-garde and clothing becomes less of a necessity and more of a statement or art piece.

Taking inspiration from contemporary and historical trends is the easiest way to create a new trend. There are some small ways of doing it. The designer must check the \"inspired\" motif to match the scale of the outfit. Try using beading patterns of fine jewelry and handcrafted jewelry to effect the purpose.

The color schemes are the easiest components to adapt into the fabric. The lines, cuts, texture of the fabric can be mimicked carefully to create a unique look. Fabric art designs, for instance, are mostly handmade and created with great exclusivity.

These fabrics are then used to create garments or accessories of various kinds.

You are Beautiful than anyone else!

So define your inner fashionista.  It really doesn’t matter, what body shape you are or what age you are into now. If you are unable to define your style in two words then you seriously need to rethink it. Trust me, you are already beautiful and what will transpire will be even more beautiful.

Comb your hair; put a bold lipstick and take your big orange bag with it, if that is that your style is. You don’t have to sew your own clothes dear.  You can just go online or go shopping and buy your clothes.  Everything is out there available for you.

Once you start looking, you will be spoilt for choice. Long flowy tops or polka dot dress, your style statement is your style statement. You just need to be sure that, yes; this is how I want the world to perceive me.  Then you are done.

Being a fashionista with ShowFlipper

ShowFlipper, one of the many online fabric stores is a house to many ShowTainers, who are  masters in their field of fabric art. With umpteen creations under its belly, the site has been serving a massive platform to artists spanning geographical boundaries!

If you have such amazing creations you can get them for the world to see! Spread the word of fashion beyond horizon! Audition today and upload your creations!

Get the best out of your skills and be a Fashionista for your fans! Unleash your style statement!

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