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The World Of Fabric Art

When talking about art, probably the first image in our mind is that of a painting in an art gallery. Or perhaps we are reminded of the sculptures we have seen over the years. That is to say that we are mostly reminded of fine art. That need not be the case.

One of its parallel forms is fabric art. Fabric art (also known as fiber art or textile art) uses synthetic fiber as the canvas which one can paint, stitch or cut in order to produce beautiful art work. It can take the form of a nylon fabric, lycra fabric, polyester fabric or a woven fabric.

Historically speaking, any form of painting on cotton fabric, linen, sheep skin or silk, all came under the category of fabric art. Similarly, different weaves,  fat quarters, crochet or knitting comes under fabric art. Oriental rugs and Persian carpets are the perfect examples of fabric art.

Legends Who Loved Fabrics!

1. Andy Warhol and The Happy Bug

In the 1950s and 1960s, many fine artists began to experiment with fabric art in order to make their art visible on a large scale. They would accept assignments to make draperies and other fiber-based art.

 Andy Warhol, due to his background as a commercial artist, had transitioned seamlessly whenever he worked with textile. His art work,'The Happy Bug ', a simple butterfly print, is a classic example..

2. Picasso And Torosy  Toros

Even the great painter Picasso had dabbled with this art. His most famous work would be Torosy Toros, where he adapted one of his paintings of a bull fight into a marvelous drapery. The piece is known for its watercolor effect. He did not want anyone to sit on them!

Fabric Art in Daily Wears!

But as is the case with fabric art, the artist does not have control over the art. Hence classic wall art remained the favorite for most famous artists. In the art market, fine art is much more in demand as compared to fabric art. Fabrics like nylon fabric and lycra fabric are pretty much in demand with young women who prefer their dresses made from these clothing.

Fabric art is not so far behind and gaining steady popularity with new and edgy artists taking over and sidelining mainstream art for a change. ShowFlipper is a great way to sell art online and already boasts of a variety of fabric art made by artists across the globe. Fabric art is often an ignored art form, but that is bound to change.

Fabric Art meets Fine Art! Click here to learn more!

Celebrity Hits and Misses in Fabric and Fashion Industry

Many noted celebrities have been keenly following the fabric art world and have established their own line of clothing. Some of the well known personalities have had their own share of success and failure!

The Misses!


Lindsay Lohan tried her hand in promoting her own brand of fashion leggings. She named the brand (6126) after the birthday of her idol, the fashionista, Marilyn Monroe (6th June 1926). The fabric line was pretty expensive and it went on to be the biggest blunder and she ended up counting her losses!


Sweetface was started in the year 2003 by JLo and was a great hit in the initial phases! It was a street-wear classic and later was a big turn off! It eventually went down with the masses and the fabric line had to be shut down!

The Hits!


Gwen Stefani’s brand of fashion lining is still popular today owing to its inspiration from Indian, Japanese, Jamaican and Guatemalan fashion. Many celebrities have worn the fabrics passionately and it is a big hit in the Hollywood!


It all began in 2011 when the Spice Girl decided to hit the fashion market with the greatest fabric line! The fashion went on to be a exploding hit and took forward the legacy of Mrs. Beckham to greater heights!


Shoes, handbags, dresses, you name it and Jessica will have it! Her line of fashion, fabrics and clothing is considered one of the best in the industry with many followers! She makes over $1 billion a year and is one of the leading members of the fashion empire!

ShowFlipper: Trailblazer In Fashion & Fabrics

You can browse about the latest & trending fabric arts that leave you mesmerized! ShowFlipper is one of those online fabric stores that houses the latest creations by the Showtainers. Get yourself indulged in hundreds of products that help you decorate your household like curtains, carpets, wall-papers and much more!

Fabrics are an important ingredient for any home. They are needed to cover basic structures of our homes like sofa, walls, windows and floors. ShowFlipper is a perfect answer to every form as it boasts a wide collection of fine arts to enhance the ambience of any room!

There is no wonder the importance of statues and sculptures that portray a special definition if used appropriately along with fabrics! It is a blissful combination that rejuvenates the mood of the house and brings glory to the one who stays in it

The World Of Fabrics Just Got Better!

The fabric art on ShowFlipper has been raking positive reviews from all over! You might really skip this site, if you hated what you wear! Find collections of lifetime that make you bend in your knees! Add a zing to your daily attire by including items that will not disrupt your finances! 

There has been many factors like pricing, quality, availability and authenticity that has made ShowFlipper a must site in your bookmarks! Leading fabric artists have been using this platform to share their art work with the global audience! You can easily be a part of the ShowFlipper family by signing in, which is free and easy!

Being an art collector, you can enjoy the benefits of having the art work delivered to your doorstep with absolutely no holes in your pocket! Get the best out of the fabrics displayed on ShowFlipper! Browse through collections that cover interesting subjects like handbags, wall-paper hangings, carpets and wall arts for great deals!

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