10 Basic Embroidery Designs You Must Try

2018-06-05 19:15:50
product By Monika Shrivastav

Embroidery is actually an art in which materials are decorated such as fabrics with the help of a needle and a thread. It also includes other materials such as pearls, beads, quilts, sequins etc.  

Today, basic embroidery designs are seen on shirts, on caps, hats, coats, jackets, blankets, denim, etc. It is an art which needs to be appreciated well since it requires hard work and we can see it daily around us.

One of my friends, Mathilda presents her embroidery art for sale. She lives in Iran and gets enough income for her supper. Although she did not get enough time to join some industry and win a good earning. So, she used to supply her embroidery designs at a local shop in Mashhad.

I found her on a Facebook group. I told her that I buy embroidered fabrics online from ShowFlipper.

During our chat, she told me about her earnings. I was happy that my new friend has knowledge about embroidery. On showing my interest, she told me the 10 basic embroidery designs to try at home.

Here Are Some Basic  Embroidery Designs

A Flower Motif

Are you having a tea party? But there are no embroidered napkins? You can make them in no time. Just take some fabric and divide it into the size you want to create your napkins. Now draw a pattern and start to do embroidery on it. It will cost you about 1$ and it will result in hundreds of cute napkins. 

You can always opt for darker or lighter shades. The most beautiful hand embroidery napkins for me are white fabric and baby pink embroidered flower. If you master this art, you can sell embroidery online too at this online hand embroidery shop.

A Zigzag

You can always start with a zigzag border for your stuff. Whatever you are doing, a napkin or a table mat, or a scarf, you can create a decent border with this zigzag design. 

You can check in stores where this style is presented for sale. Watching the embroidery of others will give you an immense idea about the do’s and don’ts of the embroidery.


As one of the basic embroidery designs, you can create patterns of embroidery with basic shapes like circle, square,  triangle, rectangle, star, and an oval. 

You can use these shapes as you like. Like, you can use the circle pattern which has various circles connected with each other and so, creates a bubble design.

Mathilda used this embroidery art design on shirts and presented them for sale in her local market. It was highly appreciated by the customers.

Similarly, triangles connected together can create a beautiful embroidery art for sale. Joining together the rectangle, stars, ovals with circles and ovals, they will all make symmetry.

I have a scarf which has the basic shapes embroidered all over the fabric. It looks awesome and matches with any personality.

Henna Designs

What? A henna design on fabric?

You can opt for henna designs on your fabric. If you go to some hand embroidery shop, you will find the fabrics which have been embroidered with henna designs.

The designs will look fantastic and it will give you an immense payback if you will present this embroidery art for sale.

A Combination of Floral and Henna Designs

This amazing combination is although one of the basic embroidery designs, it looks really nice when you put it in your showcase for sale online and it is sold like hot cakes. People love to buy this unique design.

Wild Designs

Among the fabric arts, cheetah design is the most demanding. The cheetah design is a very usual pattern to create and very hot one for sale on hand embroidery shop.

You can go for small, medium and large designs in this category. You can opt for a golden brown or orange fabric ideally. The embroidery may be black or coffee brown as your choice. This embroidery design supports your versatile approach. It may adopt various shades like black and mauve, pink and purple, red and black contrasts.


The designs with fruits can also attract the attention of viewer. You can fill in your fruits with poly embroidery if you like them to give a bold impression. Mathilda once presented a shirt as embroidery art for sale at $500 which had strawberry embroidery all the way over the shirt.

According to Mathilda’s experience tells about the buyer's attraction. She says that, if you want people to buy embroidered fabrics online, you should dare to give them something unique. Provide them your expertise, which they cannot find easily in the market.


You can apply accessories to the creation which are the center of attraction for the females. You can go for diamonds, emeralds, ruby or a sapphire. Your embroidery art will be sold instantly on the hand embroidery shop if you do this hack in your hand embroidery.


Musical venture can be applied fabric art as well. Select the musical instruments you find eye-catching and embed their design upon your fabric by drawing their pattern.

Now follow them with your needle, thread, and beads. It will create a terrific hand embroidery masterpiece for sale online. You can get ready made hand embroidery fabrics online on Showflipper.


Travelling will never be apart from human nature. Hand embroidery which has a scenery, beaches or a hill station view would look great.

By all means, handmade embroidery is a great source of earning. The people who are fond of these real handmade embroideries, follow their heart to buy them irrespective of the prices.

You can buy these embroidery designs online. Showflipper is an online gallery from where you can get these. To explore more, go to the fabric art section of Showflipper.

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Boost Style Statement with Fine Jewelry and Fabrics

2018-02-28 16:58:56
product By Hardik Kothari

Why Are People Crazy About Style Statement

Everybody has a different fashion statement.  What are you?  A business Bombshell or an utilitarian or one who loves the retro look?  There are several web links which can actually help you discover your style statement if you haven’t discovered it yet.

You can check the Fabric Art designs, jewelry designs and styles on ShowFlipper! Just go to it and explore and figure out how easy it should be to define or re-define your style.

Style statement on the web!

The internet has indeed brought the fashion to our finger tips as suggested by Meagan Tintari . While for many getting into their style is effortless, there are many others who have a wild imagination about how they want to look but cannot get to express them.

If you are serious about getting your style statement right, but is clueless, then the best way to start is to read the famous fashion bloggers or you can even follow your favorite movie star.

Hit the net and you will see plenty of online fabric store, online jewelry shop , fabric shops displaying their latest and trendy products.  You have to choose, whether you want fine jewelry designs made of stone, or exceptional beading patterns with your dress or you want some handmade necklace or some handcrafted jewelry.

Coco Chanel who is one of the greatest pioneers in fashion history. Her style stands out because of the sheer confidence that is exuded from the brand that she has created.

How Can You Define Your Personal Brand With Clothing?

What clothes we wear every day, how we assemble it, match or create a contrast with, add or subtract from it defines how we feel, what mood or attitude we have the entire day.

A person who belongs to corporate background tends to choose clothes that are minimalist in design and colors. You always find them in simple and chic clothes.

Clothes and accessories define our day to day mood, attitude and adds to our personality, style statement and uniqueness. Each outfit becomes an important part of dressing up or dressing down.

The fashion industry tells us that it is important to wear unique clothes to keep up with the latest trends. It is still possible to create a unique look each time one wears a similar piece of clothing by pairing it up with accessories.

How Do Fabric Designers Get Inspired?

Inspiration is often termed to be very fickle. Most designers get inspiration from design galleries, museums, history - both public and personal to get ideas. However, isn't that plagiarism?

In the case of fabric art, trends change on the seasonal basis and often reflects what the overall public sentiment or the fashion industry (its economy, its stature in the world market, its popularity and the willingness of the consumer to pay) or a popular culture of a given period of time.

When there is an international financial crisis, designs in fabric and fashion trends to reduce their flamboyance to create a semblance with realism. But on the other hand, in the time of economic boom, designers tend to become more avant-garde and clothing becomes less of a necessity and more of a statement or art piece.

Taking inspiration from contemporary and historical trends is the easiest way to create a new trend. There are some small ways of doing it. The designer must check the "inspired" motif to match the scale of the outfit. Try using beading patterns of fine jewelry and handcrafted jewelry to effect the purpose.

The color schemes are the easiest components to adapt into the fabric. The lines, cuts, texture of the fabric can be mimicked carefully to create a unique look. Fabric art designs, for instance, are mostly handmade and created with great exclusivity.

These fabrics are then used to create garments or accessories of various kinds.

You are Beautiful than anyone else!

So define your inner fashionista.  It really doesn’t matter, what body shape you are or what age you are into now. If you are unable to define your style in two words then you seriously need to rethink it. Trust me, you are already beautiful and what will transpire will be even more beautiful.

Comb your hair; put a bold lipstick and take your big orange bag with it, if that is that your style is. You don’t have to sew your own clothes dear.  You can just go online or go shopping and buy your clothes.  Everything is out there available for you.

Once you start looking, you will be spoilt for choice. Long flowy tops or polka dot dress, your style statement is your style statement. You just need to be sure that, yes; this is how I want the world to perceive me.  Then you are done.

Being a fashionista with ShowFlipper

ShowFlipper, one of the many online fabric stores is a house to many ShowTainers, who are  masters in their field of fabric art. With umpteen creations under its belly, the site has been serving a massive platform to artists spanning geographical boundaries!

If you have such amazing creations you can get them for the world to see! Spread the word of fashion beyond horizon! Audition today and upload your creations!

Get the best out of your skills and be a Fashionista for your fans! Unleash your style statement!

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Why Every Fabric Shop is Influenced by Hollywood

2018-02-28 16:50:54
product By Hardik Kothari

Fashion And Hollyood Come a Long Way!

When we delve into the history of Hollywood fashion, we find that the need for costume design departments rose due to the non availability of generous amounts of costume designers in California.  Directors, like Cecil B. De Mille would feel the need for custom made costumes for the development of the plot of the film.

By the mid- 1920s known as the Jazz age, American women had started to minutely follow the hairstyles, clothes and makeup worn by the movie stars.Each studio very diligently cultivated the particular images of the stars, turning the young actresses into style icons.

One need to remember that fashion is not confined to dresses as has been mentioned.  It is not only about dresses over pants and vice versa. It is also about the jeweler, the fabric, the color, and the beading patterns.  All that the elusive star wore became the desire of the common women.They started influencing the jeweler too.

Today we are in the new genre of e-commerce.Online fabric stores and online jewelry stores, makes fashion more accessible and within reach. A person in India, can easily draw inspiration from her Hollywood influenced American counterparts.

Altered and more comfortable wearable versions of the same attires are made available by the retailers for the common fashion crazy women.  Jeweler brands, online fabric stores  know the weakness of its buyers.  

Dresses and jewelry are named after a fashion icon to increase the craze of stars as well as fashion in it. Some of the best forms of arts, like the handcrafted jewelry, nylon fabrics , polyester fabric are available on e-commerce sites, and the ones trending hot can be found here: https://www.showflipper.com

For many, the need to own a prop from their favorite movie is like a dream coming true. Some props have become the second definition of the movie in which they appeared. Viewers begin to relate these props to the characters on screen. 

We cannot really imagine James Bond without his signature gun, Charlie Chaplin without his hat and stick, and Harry Potter without his round framed spectacles.

These props soon filtered their way into the silver screen and became identities that the audience just could not get enough of. The impact of these strong visuals became the inspiration of filmmakers too, and there was a time when props had the equal importance as an actor in a film.

Fashion, Values and Controversies

Marylin Monroe's white dress was sold for over $4.6 million. Other expensive props include Aston Martin DB5 used in the movie Goldfinger for over $4.4 million. The 'Do-Re-Me' outfit from 'The Sound of Music' sold for over $1.5 million the submarine used in the James Bond movie 'The Spy Who Loved Me' for $860,000 and the green frock used by Scarlet O'Hara in 'Gone with the Winds' valued at $1.86 million.

With the value of props steadily on the increase, it is no longer surprising for these to be stolen. Some of the most famous stolen props include the famous Dorothy's ruby slippers that were made for the 'Wizard of OZ' - a 1939 film production. 

The pair at the Judy Garland Museum in Grand Rapids was stolen in 2005 and until date, the police still have this case unsolved. These shoes are currently estimated to be over $3 million. One of the guns made for the movie 'The Man with the Golden Gun' (1974 James bond movie) also got missing from Elstree Studio in Hertfordshire, England where it was on display.

Occasionally, a stolen prop gets returned by the thief or recovered by the law enforcement agencies. The famous Lupitaa Nyong'o's stolen Oscar dress was found in the toilet of the very same hotel where it was stolen. 

The thief however gave a tip to a celebrity news website that the pearls in the garment were fakes. It was not possible to determine if the thief returned it because of this reason or as a result of a change of heart.

If you are a passionate about the world of fabric art, here is a blog you should not miss!

Making a Statement

Movie props were basically used to define a look of a character or describe a scene to be played. Viewers started associating these props with whatever they saw on screen. The basic fashion necessity, i.e. the little black dress was inspired by the one worn by Audrey Hepburn. 

Everything that is seen on screen apart from the actor is considered a prop. Monroe's red lipstick is also considered a classic look worldwide.

Apart from classics, modern day films also create some very inspiring props that the audience absolutely loves. Most movies have props that have equal importance to the characters.

The Iron Man suit, the cars in 'Fast and Furious' series, the white mask from 'Scream', and the black tuxedos in 'Men In Black' are examples of how important a certain prop is for the movie to be a success.

The Best Of Fashion On ShowFlipper

ShowFlipper is a fashion house and an online fabric store that consists on creations designed by the talented ShowTainers. These craftsmen make articles of various genres that include handbags, clothes, curtains and many exciting fabric arts!

Subscribe and witness the magic of the art creations! Signing up is easy and free! Visit https://www.showflipper.com today and get amazing offers!

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Fabric Art Like Never Before

2018-02-28 18:38:52
product By Shrutika Patwardhan

The World Of Fabric Art

When talking about art, probably the first image in our mind is that of a painting in an art gallery. Or perhaps we are reminded of the sculptures we have seen over the years. That is to say that we are mostly reminded of fine art. That need not be the case.

One of its parallel forms is fabric art. Fabric art (also known as fiber art or textile art) uses synthetic fiber as the canvas which one can paint, stitch or cut in order to produce beautiful art work. It can take the form of a nylon fabric, lycra fabric, polyester fabric or a woven fabric.

Historically speaking, any form of painting on cotton fabric, linen, sheep skin or silk, all came under the category of fabric art. Similarly, different weaves,  fat quarters, crochet or knitting comes under fabric art. Oriental rugs and Persian carpets are the perfect examples of fabric art.

Legends Who Loved Fabrics!

1. Andy Warhol and The Happy Bug

In the 1950s and 1960s, many fine artists began to experiment with fabric art in order to make their art visible on a large scale. They would accept assignments to make draperies and other fiber-based art.

 Andy Warhol, due to his background as a commercial artist, had transitioned seamlessly whenever he worked with textile. His art work,' The Happy Bug ', a simple butterfly print, is a classic example..

2. Picasso And Torosy  Toros

Even the great painter Picasso had dabbled with this art. His most famous work would be Torosy Toros, where he adapted one of his paintings of a bull fight into a marvelous drapery. The piece is known for its watercolor effect. He did not want anyone to sit on them!

Fabric Art in Daily Wears!

But as is the case with fabric art, the artist does not have control over the art. Hence classic wall art remained the favorite for most famous artists. In the art market, fine art is much more in demand as compared to fabric art. Fabrics like nylon fabric and lycra fabric are pretty much in demand with young women who prefer their dresses made from these clothing.

Fabric art is not so far behind and gaining steady popularity with new and edgy artists taking over and sidelining mainstream art for a change. ShowFlipper is a great way to sell art online and already boasts of a variety of fabric art made by artists across the globe. Fabric art is often an ignored art form, but that is bound to change.

Fabric Art meets Fine Art! Click here to learn more!

Celebrity Hits and Misses in Fabric and Fashion Industry

Many noted celebrities have been keenly following the fabric art world and have established their own line of clothing. Some of the well known personalities have had their own share of success and failure!

The Misses!


Lindsay Lohan tried her hand in promoting her own brand of fashion leggings. She named the brand (6126) after the birthday of her idol, the fashionista, Marilyn Monroe (6th June 1926). The fabric line was pretty expensive and it went on to be the biggest blunder and she ended up counting her losses!


Sweetface was started in the year 2003 by JLo and was a great hit in the initial phases! It was a street-wear classic and later was a big turn off! It eventually went down with the masses and the fabric line had to be shut down!

The Hits!


Gwen Stefani’s brand of fashion lining is still popular today owing to its inspiration from Indian, Japanese, Jamaican and Guatemalan fashion. Many celebrities have worn the fabrics passionately and it is a big hit in the Hollywood!


It all began in 2011 when the Spice Girl decided to hit the fashion market with the greatest fabric line! The fashion went on to be a exploding hit and took forward the legacy of Mrs. Beckham to greater heights!


Shoes, handbags, dresses, you name it and Jessica will have it! Her line of fashion, fabrics and clothing is considered one of the best in the industry with many followers! She makes over $1 billion a year and is one of the leading members of the fashion empire!

ShowFlipper: Trailblazer In Fashion & Fabrics

You can browse about the latest & trending fabric arts that leave you mesmerized! ShowFlipper is one of those online fabric stores that houses the latest creations by the Showtainers. Get yourself indulged in hundreds of products that help you decorate your household like curtains, carpets, wall-papers and much more!

Fabrics are an important ingredient for any home. They are needed to cover basic structures of our homes like sofa, walls, windows and floors. ShowFlipper is a perfect answer to every form as it boasts a wide collection of fine arts to enhance the ambience of any room!

There is no wonder the importance of statues and sculptures that portray a special definition if used appropriately along with fabrics! It is a blissful combination that rejuvenates the mood of the house and brings glory to the one who stays in it

The World Of Fabrics Just Got Better!

The fabric art on ShowFlipper has been raking positive reviews from all over! You might really skip this site, if you hated what you wear! Find collections of lifetime that make you bend in your knees! Add a zing to your daily attire by including items that will not disrupt your finances! 

There has been many factors like pricing, quality, availability and authenticity that has made ShowFlipper a must site in your bookmarks! Leading fabric artists have been using this platform to share their art work with the global audience! You can easily be a part of the ShowFlipper family by signing in, which is free and easy!

Being an art collector, you can enjoy the benefits of having the art work delivered to your doorstep with absolutely no holes in your pocket! Get the best out of the fabrics displayed on ShowFlipper! Browse through collections that cover interesting subjects like handbags, wall-paper hangings, carpets and wall arts for great deals!

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