5 Fabric Art Tips For Beginners

about 4 years ago
product By Payal Garg

I follow the Fabric Art Tips that were delivered to me by my mother. Yes, I have a mother who is a proficient fabric artist. I follow her techniques in my artwork. This blog is exclusively intended to provide you the ideas which my mother has told me since I started to ask her questions about it.

Since I have been a very bad student with low IQ, I asked a lot of questions during my fabric artwork session with my mom. In spite of all my foolishness, she elaborates me very politely and that’s her affection. Otherwise, if there was someone else, she would break my head.

It is a course which has been followed by the artists since ancient times. The humans twisted thread and wove it into a fabric. We find the roots of fabric art peeping through ancient Egypt. They used to make sculptures of cloth. But, with the passage of time, it gradually became modernized. Now, this art has more scope than ever and even, Fabric Art is for sale online.

Every woman is fond of fabric. “I have enough fabric.”, no woman ever said. When it comes to going to parties or weddings, we utter, “I have nothing to wear!”. We are the creatures on the planet who are always ready for shopping. What? There is a new collection, on a website? We never lose a moment to grab the latest outfit.

Here are the Fabric Art Tips every Fabric Artist Should Follow:

You must be consistent with your work. Starting a fabric and then leaving it behind and rush to the new one will drop your level of concentration from the earlier one.

Before starting a Fabric Artwork, you should create a complete framework of what will you create and what will be the stuff. I consult my idea with my mother before any startup. If your plan will have some flaws, your helper will help you fix it. You can see others' fabric art too for inspiration. You can checkout some Fabric Art Online here. Once completed, you can sell your fabric art online here.

Fabric Art Tips

Fabric Art Tip no. 1: Use Frames

Can’t make fabric art due to difficulty in holding the fabric? An idea about it is to use the fabric frame. Use frames according to the size required. There is a tip for fabric frame selection, i.e. you should choose it according to the size of your motif. The size ranges from 0 to 7. You can opt for size no. 3 if you are a beginner, as it is very handy and easy to use.

Fabric Art Tip No. 2: Accessories:

Fabric art is something which needs attractive accessories pasted on it. You may use beads, thread, and some pearls. The embellishment must be attractive. Moreover, another tip is that you can use the thread according to the texture of the cloth. Silk/organza require applying silk thread. While the cotton thread is applied to the cotton fabric usually.

You can get different shapes of embellishments i.e. leaf, bowl, star and oval shapes online.

Fabric Art Tip No. 3: Keeping It Neat

Working in a calmer environment, but why is your fabric art looking messy? If you are creating a piece, it should look neat. There is a tip to make a neat looking fabric art. Your fabric frame should be tight enough to hold the cloth tightly. 

If the cloth tied into the frame does not stay in place and it loosens up , you should learn the technique of fixing the fabric in the frame. The technique is, you should open the frame, set the fabric on the small circle, now fix the larger circle outside and tighten the nut to the extent it allows to be tight. Voila! The idea has worked! Now be comfortable with your work.

Fabric Art Tip No. 4: Holding Frame Right

Another tip is to use a fabric frame for fixing the fabric. The pro technique from my mother is that you must hold the frame upside down if you are working with pearls, beads, and other embellishments. The reason is, holding the frame upside down will create a border around the fabric. 

Thus, your accessories will not drop down. This fabric art technique reduces mess during artwork and saves the day.

Moreover, if you are not working with pearls and bead embellishment, the technique to make easy fabric art is that you should hold your frame in a little tilt, so that you will have the idea about what is happening on both the sides of the fabric.

Tip No. 5: Using Needles

You are doing embroidery, but looking over the holes in the fabric? Hold on, my fabric art expertise will teach you the technique to prevent them. My mother always suggests buying some thinner needles as compared to the thick ones. The thinner is the needle, the neater is your fabric art.

Moreover, If you are using a very thin and fine fabric, but the selected material is heavy in weight, it will cause these holes. For a better beginner, choose the thicker fabric instead of a fine one. Chiffon and cotton will be the best choices to start with.

The end of the game is that your fabric art techniques can make you earn generously if you sell Fabric Art Online. SHOWFLIPPER is one such platform for artists that lets you sell your artwork online.

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