5 Beautiful Women Earrings You Must Buy

about 6 years ago
product By Payal Garg

Women can never get past their obsession with jewelry. With evolving times and emerging fashion trends, the way jewelry has been carried and worn might change, but the essence of grace, the spirit of womanly confidence, and the ring of joy will always be encompassed in the jewelry for women worn every day by millions of women all over the world. So, here are the types of beautiful women earrings you must buy.

Like all fashion trends, women jewelry has also witnessed a huge shift in the designs, build, style, and even the materials used to design them. And while the working woman today likes to go minimal with no jewelry on, one thing that she just can’t let go is her earrings. 
You can’t wear necklaces and bangles to the office each day but light, minimal jewelry like a simple, sleek ring in your finger, or that light, cute pendant dangling down your neck does not hurt. If  anything, these light, minimal pieces just add to your look.
 As do your earrings. They can be mixed and matched to suit various occasions, they can be worn with any kind of attire, be it Indian or western, and they just light up your whole personality.

Many varieties of beautiful earrings for women are available in the market today to choose from. The variations are not just exhibited in the designs and sizes but also in the materials used to produce these accessories. Gone are the days when gold was the standard for good jewelry and silver was looked down upon. 
Brazen, oxidized silver is the new thing in trend, as are ivory, brass, beads, gems, stones, and pearls. The new age jewelry designers are also coming up with handcrafted collections that keep updating annually with changing seasons and trends. You can buy handmade earrings online by visiting their official sites.

To buy earrings online can be a daunting task. With so many varieties of handmade earrings for sale, the decision of selecting the perfect one can get very overwhelming. But we are here to help. Here are the five types of earrings that no women should ever go without having them in her collection.

1. Studs

You can’t wear flashy, heavy jewelry to work each day. But just because you are a professional, does not mean you need to give up on your favorite piece of jewelry. Studs are here to save the day. These lobe-hugging beautiful earrings go with all kinds of formal outfits and give you a smart, bold look. A set of white pearl stud is a must have for a graceful, sleek, official look. 
You can buy these stud earrings in gold, silver, and other metals, too. Stone and gem-studded earrings are also available days and help you get a classy finish to your formal look for a meeting.
Do you wear Indian-formal to the office and are looking to match your studs with your everyday kurtas? You could go for cluster studs which come made up of a myriad of materials including stones, gems, pearls, and imitation metals. Or, if you are looking for something more fashionable, you could opt for the evergreen danglers which we talk about next.

2. Danglers

Danglers are very possibly the most versatile of all earring types. Choose a sleek, hanging low to your shoulders dangler and slay in a cocktail dress, or pair a cute, little one with your tunics. Choose a finely molded, bold traditional design and wear it with your simple kurta to get the most elegant of all looks.
Danglers go with anything and everything. If you are wearing a low-cut dress, danglers might just be the thing to complete your look.
They add a chic, energetic aspect to your personality and actually make you look younger. Available in the market in a variety of shapes, sizes, and material, a set of danglers is a must have in your earring collection. Keep your face-shape in mind though when choosing the perfect dangler for yourself. Long, sleek danglers go well with round faces, while short cute ones look good on oval-shaped and long faces.

3. Hoops

Hoops are the most evergreen earrings ever and probably the most primitive ones, too. Very in during the retro phase, hoops are back in fashion and in a new avatar. Although the charm of gold and silver hoops is never going to wear off, the new variations in design have been very welcomed by modern women. 
Slim gold and silver hoops with chandelier-works at the bottom, stone and gem-studded hoops, ivory and wood handcrafted hoops are very much into fashion these days.
Wear these hoop earrings both on traditional and western wear to get a stylish fusion look. So try some hoops out today.

4. Chandeliers

Chandelier earrings would undoubtedly feature amongst the favorites with Indian women. The traditional chandelier earrings work wonders to give you the ultimate traditional look.
 You could wear them with a sari or an Anarkali suit or a gown to be branded the Indian diva, or wear the lighter version of them with tunic tops to get a boho-chic fusion look.
There are multiple kinds of Chandelier earrings in the market, silver chandelier earrings being the most popular of all. If you are looking forward to attending a family gathering and plan to stun people with your gorgeous looks? 
Make a purchase of traditional, handcrafted chandelier earrings from a handmade earrings’ online shop like ShowFlipper.

5. Bajorans

If you are a fashionista, love to experiment and want to make a statement with your style, Bajorans might just be the one thing for you. Just got pierced? Gift yourself a classy, stylish Bajoran. These types of earrings come with smaller attached studs for your upper lobe piercings as well. They highlight your ears if you are going for a bold, unorthodox look.
The Bajorans come in a variety of styles. You can buy them in fashion stores both online and offline.
Now that you know your must-haves, it’s time for some real shopping. Get started now and buy handmade earrings online now from your favorite e-stores.

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