How to Make Bridal Jewellery At Home

about 4 years ago
product By Vaibhavi Desai

Each bride wishes to be the most beautiful woman that her man has ever laid eyes on her wedding day. She wants everything to be just perfect with no scope whatsoever of a shortcoming. The decorations should be picture perfect, makeup flawless, dress no less than lavish, and the jewellery? Royal.  

But what do you do when you just can’t find that made-for-you jewellery at any of your favorite stores or even online? Do you settle for the mediocre jewellery you get, or do you take charge and go for what you want anyway? This isn’t something that could be compromised in any way and it isn’t each day that you get married. So why not start rummaging web to know how to make bridal jewellery?

There are plenty of sites and e-stores like ShowFlipper online that sell handmade bridal jewellery across the internet. If you ever came across such an online jewellery store, you might have noticed the breathtakingly awesome collection of carefully and meticulously handcrafted jewellery. Did you ever wonder looking at them if you can craft some of them too? If you didn’t, it’s time you do.

So let’s look at how to make wedding jewellery sets at home. Gather your tools and get started

Even more so if you are an artist trapped inside the body of a professional who slogs off hours at work. It is your wedding day, after all. And you should let no one steal your happiness, not those insufficient e-stores nonetheless. Even if you have no plans whatsoever of getting married any time soon, and are just kickstarting your career as a bridal jewellery designer, making bridal jewellery at home can be a really intriguing perspective for you to explore. 

And you might as well save the day for many flustered brides-to-be searching for their dream jewellery online. So if you have decided to design your own bridal jewellery then here I am presenting a few steps which can ease your efforts. After you have mastered this art, you can even sell jewellery to others. Know How to sell handmade jewelry.

1. Sketch Your Designs

The primary job of a jewellery designer includes being able to imagine and portray his or her design. If you are a professional, this should come easily to you. You have a design in mind, you pen it down. You prepare a basic, rough sketch of how the chunks of jewellery will look like.

 Many a time sit will happen that the final product will not in the least bit resemble the initial sketch. A lot of thought and improvisation goes into the actual making of jewellery. You should try to optimize your vision while sketching details and then incorporate changes as you move ahead with the task of crafting the piece of jewellery.

If you are a beginner or just a bride wanting to design your own jewellery, let your imagination flow. Picture what you would lie to wear for your big day and then try bringing down your imagination on a piece of paper. Try rummaging the internet for ideas. After you are done with the basic sketch of what you are going to design, it’s time to get some real tools. A bit of caution incoming.

2. Assemble your Tools and Get Started

The types of tools you choose will vary depending on the kind of design that you are going to craft. But some minimal basic requirements will always be the same. You must always get your wires, beads, pliers, and super glue ready. Also, a routine wire cutter, gauges, tweezers, mandrels, ring sizing, blades, magnifiers, and lamps are the basic tools to have if you are serious about this idea of crafting your own handmade bridal jewellery at home.

You will need to set up the tools to be able to work with them. The vices and holders are important devices to have for a beginner as well as a professional. If you are new to art, it’s even more important that you use good quality and proper tools lest you get yourself injured.

Now sticking to your design, decide what you want to do first. If you are using a lot of wires in your design, you would be using a lot of wire cutters and pliers as well as tweezers. If, on the other hand, your design is chunky and involves a lot of metallic work, you would be using melting lamps and cutting tools. It is important to wear the necessary safety gear to prevent injuries. Start with simple designs like looping and bending the wires sticking beads into loops and soldering simple parts together. Once you have simple parts ready, move on to more complex parts that require melting and joining big chunks of metal together.

4. Polish and Anti-Abrasion Measures

Crafting the jewellery is but only one part of it. The next step lies in making the jewellery abrasion proof by using a good quality polish and anti-abrasive. The polish helps retain luster of the jewellery. Plus, the anti-abrasive helps you keep it safe from scratches and damages that it might have to endure. You can use a fine brush to apply polish and the anti-abrasive over your crafted piece. Once you are done, just bask in the marvel of this amazing piece of craft you just made.

If you are really going to design your own wedding jewelry, we suggest you just confine yourself to design part up to sketching the concept on paper and leave the rest in professional hands if you don’t want to be bruised and burnt on your wedding. There are several artists working on handmade jewelry today who would get you just what you want. Handcrafting bridal jewellery at your home can be a tedious task but it is a thoroughly enjoyable one too. Just keep a bit of caution and play away.

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